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When was ESMA established?

ESMA is Federal UAE Authority established by UAE Federal law (28) 2001.

What is ECAS?

Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme is a system of combining assessment of Conformity and Certification of products. It is applicable for locally manufactured regulated products. Moreover, exporter of the regulated products could request to obtain a Certification of Conformity upon their own request.

What is the UAE Quality Mark?

The UAE product Certification Scheme is a third part national certification scheme being implemented by ESMA where the scheme shall grant the use of the emirates Mark of Conformity (“Al Alama”)to the product that demonstrate the compliance to this general requirements ,the relevant specific requirements and the relevant UAE national standards or other acceptable standards.

What is a UAE standard?

A document granted to the license allows using the emirates mark of conformity to the certified products under the UAE product Certification Scheme.

What are the services that provided by ESMA?

ESMA provide variety of standardization services such as the Emirates Quality Mark Scheme, Conformity & Certification Scheme and the Emirates National Accreditation System (ENAS)

Is the certificate issued by a ENAS accredited laboratory will be recognized in other emirates?

Yes as ENAS is the only federal accreditation body of UAE, the certificate is issued under the laboratory's scope of accreditation then the certificate should be recognized in all Emirates.

How much will it cost to become ENAS accredited?

Until we receive an application for accreditation which details the size of your operation it is very difficult to provide you with an accurate estimate as to what it will cost you to become ENAS-accredited. However, the current application fee and daily rates can be found under the Fee structure. However providing visa, travel tickets, pick & drop and hotel arrangements is to be paid the organization applying for accreditation.

What is the difference between the terms "accreditation" and "registration"?

Accreditation is the formal recognition by an accreditation authority to the technical and organizational competence of a conformity assessment body to carry out a specific service in accordance to the standards and technical regulations as described in their scope of accreditation. Registration is the requirement of Ministry of Economy, Abu Dhabi, for issue or new license or renewal of existing license to laboratories in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi. This is NOT at all accreditation and the laboratories cannot claim to be accredited.

How long will it take to become ENAS accredited?

We aim to minimize the time taken within ENAS to approximately three months. This time however does not include the time taken by the organization for preparation and corrective actions.

How do I become ISO 9001 accredited?

ISO 9001:2008 is a certification standard, rather than an accreditation standard, and ENAS does not carry out assessments to this standard itself, but assesses and accredits Certification Bodies (for a defined scope of accreditation, i.e. relating to specific areas of industry) so that they may then go out and certify organizations to ISO 9001.

What is ENAS?

Emirates National Accreditation System to accredit testing /calibration laboratories, certification bodies and inspection bodies.

What are the technical sectors covered by UAE standards?

- Building and Construction products. - Food Products. - Petroleum & chemical. - Mechanical & Metal. - Electric & Electronics. - Textile products. - Measurements.

​How do I get the UAE Certificate of Conformity?

​The UAE Certificate of Conformity can be obtained by applying to the UAE Certificate of Conformity Service at WWW.ESMA.GOV.AE​

​Is it required to obtain a commercial license to apply for the UAE Certificate of Conformity?

​Yes, it is required to obtain a commercial license to apply for the UAE Certificate of Conformity, except for the Certificate of Conformity for the modified vehicles and the drones for personal use .​

How much does it cost to obtain the UAE Certificate of Conformity?​

Please visit our website for details of service and fees​

How do I apply for UAE Quality Mark?​

 The UAE Quality Mark can be obtained by applying for the UAE Quality Mark service on ESMA website WWW.ESMA.GOV.AE​

If the factory is outside the country, can I apply for the UAE Quality Mark?​

Yes you can apply for the UAE Quality Mark even if the factory is outside the country​

How much does it cost to get the UAE Quality Mark?​

Please visit our website for details of service and fees​

What are the requirements be a notified body?​

Please visit our website to see the service requirements and application procedures for the Notification service​


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