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    Registration and issuance of Conformity certificate for Organic Products by matching the UAE Assessment Scheme (ECAS) According to the technical requirements of the  Ministerial resolution  No. 84 for the year 2012.  

Registration Requirements



  •        Farm Ownership Trade license / Industrial license
  •        Declaration Of conformity for the Products
  •        Label and/or MSDS for all substances​ disease control, pest control, soil amendments, sanitation agents, seed treatments and inoculants
  •        Label/ Organic Certificate(s) for all purchased organic seed varieties and invoices
  •        Fertilizer purchase and consumption rate
  •        Test report- Water, Soil and Crops. In case of compost produced from their farm needs to tested against pesticide, heavy metal analysis,
  •          GMO free test etc.,
  •        Farm Map(s), Yard Map(s), Production Unit (Field) Map(s)
  •        Field Management History & Plan- cleaning record for vehicle, storage
  •        Planting harvesting and sales record
  •        Product label
  •       Livestock

  •        Trade license / Industrial license
  •        Declaration Of conformity for the Products
  •        Test report- water and feed analysis
  •        Disease management plan- how to treat the diseased livestock and its management
  •        Vaccination schedule if vaccinating and its label
  •        Invoices- livestock, treatment substances etc.
  •        Cleaning record- sanitizers and its label. 
  •       Processed Food

  •        Trade license / Industrial license
  •        Declaration Of conformity for the Products
  •        Process flow- OCP
  •        Test report- water and product
  •        Organic certificate for the product procured from the supplier
  •        Pest control practice
  •        Organic Product Profile
  •        Label Proof for all organic labels
  •        Proof for advertisements bearing organic claims
  •        Label and/or MSDS for all sanitation agents
  •        ​Label and/or MSDS for all pest control substances

Service Process

    • Registration on ESMA website
    • Apply for a certificate of conformity
    • Upload the Required Document As per the Scope (Crops – Livestock - Processed Food)
    • Pay the service fees
    • Evaluation of the facility
    • Obtain a certificate of conformity​​

Target Audience

  •   All farmers and manufacturers and suppliers of Organics products ​​

Required Documents

Service Channels


Service Limitation

    Not Applicable in terms of organic products were imported from out UAE without performing any processing or re-packaging

    Applications  will be c​anc​e​led after 6 months without completing the requirements by the Applicant


Service Code : Subsidiary procedural service

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Working Hours

Sundays to Thursdays
7:00 A.M - 5:00 P.M

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Service Fees

  •  1000 AED Application fees
  •  2500 AED Assessment fees

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