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About the service

    Approval issued by ESMA by obtaining registration certificate to permit to practice activity for conformity assessment Bodies, According to cabinet resolution No. 35 for the year 2015,

Registration Requirements

  •     Valid UAE Trade License
  •     Quality Manual and Procedures.
  •    ​ Fees

Service Process

  • ​​ Registration on ESMA website
  • ​​ Apply for registration as CAB if operating in UAE.
  • ​​ Upload the Required Documents.
  • ​​ Pay the fees.
  • ​​ Documents Review.
  • ​​ Onsite assessment.
  • ​​ Obtain the Registration Certificate.

Target Audience

  • ​​ For all Government/Semi Government/ private sectors in the field of:
  • ​​ All types of testing and calibration laboratories
  • ​​ All types of Inspection bodies
  • ​​ All types of certification bodies
  • ​ With the exception of medical laboratories, research and development laboratories, private laboratories for personal use or training/learning purposes or for quality control purposes in the factories.

Required Documents

Service Channels


Service Limitation

  • Applying for registration certificate within six months from the date of issuance of trade license.
  • Failure to meet ESMA requirements for re​gistration within the time period, the application for registration shall be canceled.
  • Deadline can be extended for a similar period (6 months) based on justifiable reasons approved by ESMA.
  • Failure to meet the deadline set, ESMA will suspend/ cancel the trade license issued for any conformity assessment activities.


Service Code : Service subset procedural

For Inquiries call us at:


Working Hours

Sundays to Thursdays
7:00 A.M - 5:00 P.M

Content rating

Service Fees

  • ​​ 1000 AED Application fees
  • ​​ 2500 AED document review fees
  • ​​ 3000 AED Assessment fees (per man\day)
  • ​​ 1000 AED Registration of CABs certificate fees
  • ​​ 800 AED Renewal of Registration
  • ​​ 500 AED scope Expansion

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