About the service

    ​​Registering and issuing a certificate of measurement for the legal measuring instrumen​ts insuring their c​​onformity with their technical requirements and based on the decision of the Board of Directors No. 75 of 2016​

Registration Requirements

  • Valid commercial / industrial license​
  • The legal requirements of each legal measurement instrument and its additions, accessories and supporting devices shall be determined through technical regulations or instructions prepared for this purpose
  • Test report of the product issued by a​n accredited laboratory to build the approved standard specifications for each product
  • Compliance with the statement of the instrument of measurement according to the decision of the Board of Directors
  • A commitment and commitment to match the product electronically
  • Fees​

Service Process

  • Registration on ESMA website
  • Apply for a certificate of conformity
  • Upload t​​he Required Document.
  • Documents Review.
  • If the product fulfills all the requirements, system will no​tify the clients to pay the fees
  • Pay the fees
  • ​​Obtain a certificate of conformity ​

Target Audience

  • All manufacturers and importers or agents of ​​legal measuring instruments

Required Documents

Service Channels


Service Limitation

  • This decision does not apply to products used in the following areas:
  • Military areas
  • Research
  • Instructional areas
  • The application is canceled after 6 months if the requirements are not completed by the client


Service Code : Sub-service procedure

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Working Hours

Sundays to Thursdays
7:00 A.M - 5:00 P.M

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Service Fees

  • Application fees in the system: 600 AED
  • Document review 400 AED\H
  • Certification Fees 500 AED
  • Certificate issuing fees Standards: By ra​ting the accuracy of each measurement tool
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