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Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology

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Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme

Scheme issued by ESMA, concerned conformity/compliance of the products to approved standards directly or indirectly through specific processes and procedures conducted by ESMA such as testing, examination, calibration, inspection and/or certification.

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A quality mark granted by ESMA indicating that the given product complies with the requirements stated in the accredited standard.​

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Radio Frequency Identification for Tires​

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Conformity Assessment Body

The entity registered, approved or accepted by the Authority to carry out the conformity assessment procedures in accordance with the applicable legislation in this regard, and includes testing and calibration laboratories, inspection bodies, systems, persons and products certification bodies.

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Certificate of conformity

The certificate issued by the Authority confirming the conformity of the product/services to the requirements of the approved UAE standards..

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​The Emirates Conformity Assessment System

The certificate issued by the Authority confirming the conformity of the product or any patch of it meet the requirements of the approved UAE standards. The system issued by the Council of Ministers, which is concerned with verifying that the requirements of the standard specifications are met, directly or indirectly, through specific procedures carried out by the Authority or its representative such as inspection, inspection, testing, calibration or issuing the certification of conformity.

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The Mark

Any drawing, mark, stamp, chiseling or picture that refers to ESMA or what it has issued in regards to standardization, metrology, quality and conformity, or that refers to any international organization in relation to standardization, metrology, quality and conformity.

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Document that determines characteristics of commodity, service, matter or whatever is subject to measurement in terms of description, dimension, specification, quality level or safety and security conditions. Standards include the terminology, codes, testing & packing procedures and labeling, and are approved by Board of Directors.

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Document that is mandatory in nature based on an issued decree by the cabinet upon Board of Directors endorsement with the purpose of controlling and monitoring products, processes, or specific services for considerations related to public health, safety, environment, consumer protection, and public interest protection. The technical regulation usually determines the scope, technical requirements, implementation responsibilities, Market surveillance and monitoring methods, violations and penalties & transitional and final provision.

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​​Emirates National Accreditation System​

National Accreditation Department was established in 2004, based on federal law no. (28) for the year 2001 and the cabinet decisio​n no. (22) for the year 2004 to manage ENAS. Updated Cabinet decision no (35) for the year 2015 regarding the UAE Control System of Conformity Assessment Bodies established that the National Accreditation Department is in charge of its implementation.​

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