UAE to enhance consumer confidence in Jewelery and diamond industry


The emirates authority for Standardisation & metrology – ESMA, has adopted three regulations for the Jewelery industry, which contribute to achieving the highest levels of confidence for consumers, particularly in the diamond and Jewelery industry.

The Board of Directors of (ESMA) adopted these three regulations to serves the implementation of the UAE Cabinet Resolution No. 45 of 2018, to control the precious stones and precious metals and stamp them.

According to the 31-article law, people involved in forging hallmarks of precious metal and/or certificates of precious stone Jewelery, or in selling, offering, possessing or trading in Jewelery with forged hallmarks or certificates.

The Board of Directors, chaired by His Excellency Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansoori, Minister of Economy and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ESMA, adopted four other regulations related to the three-dimensional printing, which is adopted in accordance with international best practices.

Construction and metal and plastic industries, as well as three other regulations related to recreational yachts, towards greater safety.

HE Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansoori, Minister of Economy and Chairman of ESMA, said that the standards and regulations sector in the UAE has witnessed rapid growth and diversification over the past years.

This has contributed directly to the quality of products and services in the UAE's markets and in line with the objectives of the National Agenda 2021, in the "sustainable environment and integrated infrastructure" index. He added.

He stressed that maximizing the quality of products and services is in line with the strategic objective of ESMA to "raise the quality of products, to support sustainable development, and to enhance the quality of life and the country's status as a global economic center.

The United Arab Emirates has a national agenda 2021, and ambitious plans, based on knowledge, innovation, advanced technology and scientific research, in the process of development. Al Mansoori said.

In addition, the ESMA's Board of Directors has adopted approximately 131 UAE and international standards in the field of equipment, tools, personal protection materials and occupational safety and health.

Including the general requirements for personal protection equipment, it is expected to contribute to meet the needs of different industrial and service sectors, conformity and regulatory bodies, raise the quality of products in the markets and enhance competitiveness of national products.

It will enter into force, and become mandatory three months after the date of publication of the resolution in the Official Gazette. He added.

The Board also adopted UAE standards in the oil and gas sector, including a coke and another carbon black project used in the industrial sector, especially the aluminum industry.

The Board also adopted three UAE standards in the chemical sector that include environmental standards for household detergents, Cleaning of solid surfaces, paints and varnishes, internal and external, in order to increase safety requirements and protect the human environment.

ESMA's Board of Directors approved two standard in the food, agricultural and animal products sector, through the National Technical Committee for Animal Products Standards.

These standards includes representatives of several regulatory bodies in the UAE. "General requirements for pet food and labeling" and the draft "Recommended methods for analysis and sampling", a draft Codex Alimentarius, the global reference for consumers, food producers and manufacturers.

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