ESMA and "Child safety" are public in the vehicle's child seat system


ESMA and "Child safety" are public in the vehicle's child seat system
Dubai on August 1, a delegation of the Child Safety campaign of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs of the Emirate of Sharjah, during its visit to the Emirates Authority headquarters and the Standards "ESMA" highlight the latest developments in the UAE system for the control of children's seats, which are capable of being installed in vehicles and issued by the distinguished Council of Ministers this month.
The "ESMA" reviewed the highlights of the system's positive points and the highest safety and security standards for transitioning children on vehicles in the state are strictly guaranteed to improve the quality of life in the state and reduce the incidence of child accidents within vehicles.
His Excellency Abdullah Abdulqader al-Ma'ini, director general of Emirates Standards and Metrology authority, considered that the proper application of the system and regulation would increase of opportunities for children's magazines in vehicles when collisions occur and is a practical means of reducing child mortality rates in road accidents in general at the state level.
He explained the importance of the new system developed by the Board, noting the official visit of the Child Safety campaign delegation and the possibility of joint cooperation between the authority and the campaign in public awareness of the system, especially at the level of the Emirate of Sharjah, where there is a large concentration of families where a broad awareness campaign targeting parents and children can be carried out.
Hanadi Saleh Elsnake, director of the Department of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, praised the chairman of the Committee for the Child Safety Campaign for collaborating with the Emirates Standards and Metrology authority in order to identify the latest regulatory regimes. For children's desks installable in vehicles she noted that since its inception in 2011, the campaign had called for the use of child-specific seats and had been expanded in coordination with the Ministry of the Interior to create its own law

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