Obliging their suppliers to enhance the safety of the young New specifications for securing children's seats


Abdullah Abdulqader al-Maeeni, director general of Emirates Authority for Standards and metrology, confirmed that the UAE's system of control over seats children with vehicle installable, the technical review took into account the splitting of the types of seats by age, weight and length of the Child on board vehicle, indicating that the weights, from zero to 13 kg, are the front seat of the children installed in the vehicle to reverse the vehicle's direction, while the seats allocated to children are 9 kilograms to 36 kilograms, with a standing position, with the same position as the composite seats.
He explained that the idea of setting the front or rear of the children's seat in vehicles was based on the weight and age of the child and the endurance of the neck muscles in the event of trauma and accident, the smaller the child the seat front is back, which ensures that the seat itself can withstand the shock or impact rather than the head and neck of the small, and vice versa for older children, whose bodies can withstand the shocks more».
He stressed that the seat card as a product should contain adequate data, such as the appropriate age for use of the seat, weight, length and the corresponding product tag for the UAE standard specifications, the type of seat belts should correspond to the belts and locks of the vehicle, so that when it is tied in the car belt, it is ensured that the seat is securely and properly installed.»
With its proper application, the new specification would ensure better protection of the side for children and protection of the head and neck, providing rules for the installation of children's desks within vehicles, in a way that ensures the accuracy and balance of the seat within the vehicle, tested at several levels of age, weight and height, and forward and backward shocks and effects, which are the global requirements that Emirates standards and metrology has applied within the UAE.
He explained that the specifications of the project were proposed in line with UN-FDA's strategy to increase safety and security procedures in products traded in markets, in line with the new amendments to the Executive regulation of the Federal Traffic and Passage Act, adopted by the group Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, entered into force in July 2017, and the existence of this legislation will not be effective if we have a seat that does not conform to the specification, or does not serve the purpose required of it, then the TRA cooperates with the authorities All concerned government, led by the Ministry of the Interior, to develop legislation that would ensure the highest standards of safety and security for children.
AL Maeeni called "traders and all suppliers to need to obtain a matching certificate from the body" before putting up new products from the children in the market for sale», stressing that the main objective of these legislations and decisions is to provide safe products and conform to the specifications global, and to check out these products its purpose, he said, ' We look at safety and security in the first place, I call consumers to pursue their own social media (FDA) for more information and awareness bulletins».
He noted that the suppliers of children's desks would have an obligation to use the models approved by the authority until the product was registered, provide the necessary documentation that proves the product's compatibility with all the requirements of the Ministerial decision, and take the necessary action to ensure that the product meets the requirements and requirements of this decision during the various stages of its submission, it shall provide Arabic and English tags and explanatory data on the product and attach instruction manuals and usage instructions to each product during its stages

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