Modern specifications of "dizziness" tobacco eliminate its indiscriminate circulation in the market


T​he Emirates Standards and Metrology authority has updated the specification of a mandatory standard for tobacco dizziness and its products in a step to counteract the indiscriminate circulation of these products in state markets and reflect public health care For consumers and in order to adjust the quality of these products before they are put on the market.
The "ESMA", in collaboration with a number of local and federal regulators, began to apply these updates by the "dizziness" tobacco outlets in state with a view to ensuring that the composition of the tobacco does not contain hazardous or prohibited components or additions to supplement the earlier standard for tobacco And tobacco and cigarettes and others.
The update contributes to the standardization of requirements for explanatory data with other tobacco and cigarette products and the formation of an oversight tool and verify the extent to which the Dokha and its products conform to the specification and do not contain dangerous or prohibited components or additives within their composition and to prevent any practices Wrong in preparation and production and when the product is thrown into the market or sold for use by young people.
His Excellency Abdullah Abdulkader Al-Ma'ini, director of "specification", said in a special statement to the mother that updating the UAE standard specification would be supported without the control sector for tobacco products circulating in domestic markets is uncertain and the circulation of these products with a negative impact on consumer health and safety is regulated.
Al-Ma'ini explained that before issuing any standard Emirati specification, the Commission first circulates the draft specification to the relevant authorities of the State for its observations and its proposals for development are highlighted by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and the executive boards at the Emirates level and the Supreme Committee of Legislation of the Government of Dubai .
He noted that the UAE standard specification was in line with the strategic objectives of UN-women (2017-2021) in terms of the goal of raising quality of products and systems to support sustainable development and enhance the quality of life and the status of the state as a global economic hub and contribute to the provision of safety Health and environmental protection, consumer protection and the public interest, facilitate control procedures for the imported raw tobacco product allocated to this product and ensure that it meets the technical requirements of the final product.
The Commission had proposed to the distinguished Council of Ministers that federal and local government agencies should jointly apply that specification, including customs administrations, state, regulators and local economic development circles in the UAE, as well as industry and commerce chambers at the state level.
The technical regulation on dizziness was in parallel with the World Health Organization (WHO) framework convention against Tobacco and federal Law No. 15 of 2009 on tobacco control, as well as the decision of the Council of Ministers No. 24 of 2013 on this issue as well.
On the internal implications of updating the specification, the Ma'ini stressed that it would contribute to supporting the control sector of the tobacco products circulating in the country by developing standard specifications and technical requirements covering various products traded in markets, especially those that pose a risk to the health and safety Dealers.
The updates will also enhance the process of controlling the circulation of products that have significant impacts on the health and safety of consumers. In addition to strengthening adherence to the requirements of the WHO Framework Convention on tobacco Control.
According to health-care studies, dizziness differ from other types of tobacco products to contain a very high nicotine rate and dose the single mamas contains a very large amount of nicotine, equivalent to 20 cigarettes, and the substance abusers show symptoms of nicotine as quickly as the lips. and hands the use of tobacco in the age group between 13 and 15 years reaches 16% according to the same studies.
The Emirates Standards and metrology authority is concerned with the provision of specification and standardization services and the assessment of conformity and certification of products and services in accordance with the most significant requirement and international practices as the authority developed these services and upgraded their performance to the latest global trends in this regard.
The authority is the federal reference, adopted by the United Arab Emirates, to unify the management, supervision and coordination of specifications and standards, improve the quality of life, sustainable development and support the economy in the UAE.

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