"ESMA " adopt "Emirates Metrology" national institute for measuring the state


It concluded the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology "ESMA ", and the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity, agreement entitles the Authority under which the Emirates Institute of Metrology, the Council of Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity, to carry out the functions of the National Measurement Institute in the state

Implementation of the directives of the leadership to intensify cooperation and coordination and integration between the federal government and local governments, has concluded the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology "ESMA", and the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity on Tuesday in the capital Abu Dhabi, the Convention authorizes the Authority under which the Emirates Institute of Metrology, the Council of Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity, to carry out the functions of the National measurement Institute in the state, and was signed by His Excellency Dr. Rashid Ahmed bin Fahad, Minister of State chairman of the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology "standards", HE Khalifa Mohammed Fares Al Mazroui, chairman of the board of management Abu Dhabi quality and conformity, in the presence of HE Abdullah Abdul Qader AL Maeeni, Director General of Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology, HE Dr. Hilal Humaid Al Kaabi, Secretary General of the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Acting.

And His Excellency Dr. Rashid Ahmed Bin Fahad, that this agreement will contribute effectively to the development of measurement science locally, contributes well to bring about the diversification of thoughtful for the future of the national economy, the image that achieve the vision of the UAE Government 2021, which will cross our state practically to the stage of an economy after oil, diverse, and productive.

His Excellency said during a press conference to announce the Convention, the provision of sophisticated structure to serve the measurement and calibration, will serve all economic sectors by providing the best international standards of service and support industrial production needs of the sector, and will facilitate undoubtedly streamline the movement of goods and goods from the state to regional and global Mahaitiha, as resolution " ESMA " came to authorize the Institute "Emirates Metrology" based on a technical assessment of the potential of the huge measurement available at the Institute's laboratories.

He praised His Excellency the accession of the state finally to the membership of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures, which will contribute to meeting the calibration and measurement locally needs, especially in light of industrial, commercial and construction boom taking place in the UAE, adding that the cooperation between the " ESMA ", the Council of Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity, a model integrally perfect, It can achieve a breakthrough in the national standards, the image that ensures accurate measurements in the state markets, raising the competitiveness of our products in the regional and international markets, and ensure the quality specifications of these products for consumers locally.

He Maaleh that under the Convention are measuring the saved criteria considered as the Institute's national state measurement standards, which include the "mass, temperature, humidity, dimensions, pressure, power and torque and electrical measurements, time and frequency standards", can keep pace with the great Emirati development achieved by the economic and productive sectors, and we are on this pace, in order to provide the best international standards in scientific research and to support the needs of accurate and advanced industries in the state, and will be reflected on the smooth flow of goods and movement of goods, and increase opportunities for UAE products regionally and globally, to meet the yearning S vision and wise leadership, aimed at providing a sustainable economic environment, and a stable future for generations to come.

The Minister reiterated the importance of measurement at the national level science, and in the lives of the people, pointing out that the measurement effect is not the economy alone, but enters in other areas related to the health and safety of members of the community, the wrong Measuring blood pressure or the degree of patient temperature, for example, may cause in making the wrong medical decision, and may result in health problems, as a result of the diagnosis and treatment of the wrong drugs, but in the " ESMA " we have taken an important role in organizing the measurements in the medical field, to provide high reliability of local measuring devices, in the stages of examination, testing, diagnosis and treatment.

His Excellency the Minister of State stressed that the implications of measurement science at the economic level in the local market emerged clearly when it conducted a " ESMA " study finally on the gold and jewelry sector, for example, as the study it demonstrated that the measurement of gold scales faults and jewelry are responsible for achieving waste in the economy can be estimated about 2.5 billion dirhams a year, and immediately taken the Commission - in cooperation with its strategic partners, measures to adjust the measurements in the gold trade ports sales, as last year, the verification of the 8400 balance in the state markets, and confirmed its accuracy, and compliance with technical regulations.

He continued His Excellency: "extended audit measurement tools efforts as well as when we check the same fuel derivatives sector, a program which was implemented at about 6,000 meters to measure fuel at gas stations at the state level, in addition to the issuing body for the system of industrial measurements, in the month of February, which is the first in the region and aims to ensure the accuracy of measurements at all stages of industrial production and reduce waste and losses resulting from measurement errors, and include the future plan to include all measurement tools that have a prejudice directly to the national economy and the requirements of health and safety and the environment, such as water meters and electricity E systems and air quality measurements and radiation in the medical field. "

He concluded his address by saying: "It should be emphasized that the development of measurement mechanisms in the UAE through an integrated model between the" specifications "Metrology Emirates Institute, will be an important focus of contributing to the national economy, and society in general, and will provide this integration time, effort and money on citizens and residents, and local inspection and calibration as well as laboratories. "

For his part, HE Khalifa Mohammed Fares Al Mazroui, Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Board of Directors of Quality and Conformity said: "The Emirates Institute of Metrology created a translation of the vision of the wise leadership and strategic direction for the development of infrastructure for standardization and quality so as to contribute to the industrial sector, which is one of the most vital tributaries of the national economy and raise the development the level of quality and competitiveness of the UAE product at the local and global levels, the Institute provides a national reference in the field of metrology and its various applications to ensure compliance with quality standards and provides many strategic competitive advantages for our industries, and upgrading Out to an advanced center at the regional and international levels. "

His Excellency explained that the Institute is today the most important scientific projects in the state and has the experience of advanced technical components that match the capabilities of national and international institutes, prestigious and most importantly the establishment of modern laboratories in the various fields of metrology and compliant with international standards and requirements and equipped with the latest equipment and high-tech measurement. The Institute has knowledge in this field has also become by attracting international experts and rehabilitation of national cadres to work in the laboratories of the various metrology.

He stressed his happiness on the importance of the significant role played by the Institute in support of "Plan Abu Dhabi" Emirates 2021 vision, as it will contribute, as the national reference measurement, essentially and effectively in the development of domestic investment, attracting foreign investment and remove trade barriers to facilitate the movement of trade and improve the quality of UAE products, and raise the level of competitiveness of the product of the UAE at the local and global levels.

He Mazroui expressed his happiness in a concerted effort to support the Emirates Institute of Metrology to be able to upgrade its activities to meet the scientific and economic development and the needs of the national industry needs, and received the Institute all the support of good government to effectively contribute to achieving the vision of the UAE in building a knowledge-based competitive economy, by encouraging research and development so as to enhance the state for advanced centers in global competitiveness and entrepreneurship and development indicators.

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