Includes non-biodegradable chemicals "Total" of the market for water and soil pollution


As part of Emirates ' specifications and metrology strategy, aimed at raising the quality of products traded in local markets, and increased safety and security indicators among the consumer community, the Board decided during the past period to withdraw the phrase product about motor oil from the state markets carrying the "total" brand, and decided to generalize the clouds through coordination and integration with local government agencies at the state level, to immediately withdraw this product from the market.
The Board confirmed that the withdrawn products posed a risk to the health and safety of consumers, which was contrary to the Emirates standard specifications, and the results of the laboratories found that the oil withdrawn ensures non-biodegradable chemicals that pollute water and soil, making its use of the market a negative effect on consumers and poses a long-term risk to society and the environment.
The "ESMA" of chemicals detected in oil, considered as hazardous waste, is not biodegradable, or may cause adverse cumulative effects, and thus are harmful to public health, causing damage to the environment, which poses a threat to human health and living organisms, as a result of the contamination of environmental elements with these substa​​​nces, in particular surface and groundwater sources.
The Commission noted that it cooperated with federal and local government agencies, in order to make a federal transition towards replacing star-and-star electrical appliances with other devices that provided for the consumption energy, which is a solution to the most outstanding problems of the state's sustainability system, where traditional non-energy-efficient devices (labels) consume high electricity.
Products are withdrawn from markets, or warnings are issued to suppliers in the state, in a routine and continuous context to monitor the quality products offered in state markets, which begin with the warning of the supplier and the trader through government agencies as soon as a non-conforming product is discovered, followed by other procedures in the event of a recurrence of the offence, and we cooperate very much with the local community concerned, giving them the names of the products that are not matched, the product agents and any other details that facilitate the task.

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