General Manager ESMA for "WAM": Smart chip to check the quality of school dyes


The Emirates Standards and Metrology authority is in the process of issuing a set of criteria for the application of the eco-label to products pigments and varnishes in the state soon as these products will not be thrown into the market until the product has obtained a data card that includes the determination of the efficiency Its environmental performance and placing it on its packaging whether the product is imported or manufactured locally.

His Excellency Abdullah Abdulqader al-Ma'ini, director-General of Emirates Standards and Metrology authority, disclosed "ESMA" in a statement to the Emirates news agency "and M" during the commission's participation in Gitex Technology Week on the development of a smart chip that establishes the paints and paints conforming to the specifications used in State schools to ensure compliance with the federal requirements for environmental labelling and safety of the authority the quality of these products and their impact on the overall health of the students is expected to be introduced as of next year.
The Director General pointed out that FDA had developed the specification for dyes and varnishes "to be wary of having products that could adversely affect the health especially the category of children who may be exposed to heavy metals in the composition of these pigments, such as lead that causes different growth-related disadvantages, especially Children in their early years.
He confirmed that the state schools in general have been committed since the beginning of the year to the list of dyes and varnishes containing a set of criteria for the application of an environmental marker to be installed on the products of paints, paints and varnishes that are sold in the state market and will be applied to school buildings as well in A step aimed at providing safe pigments to the public health of pupils and students.
He noted that the Emirati paints and varnish control system had accurately placed the limits on the content of the ingredients of hazardous materials in the coating structure according to the latest global practices in an effort to mitigate potential hazards to the lowest possible picture in product scheduling by environmental efficiency/5 and 4 stars /depending on the content of hazardous materials and heavy metals.
He confirmed that the authority had coordinated over the past period with the relevant regulators, contracting companies and paints and paints to sensitize them to the new disciplines and their importance to public health for pupils and students.
He said that these standards have been effectively implemented since the beginning of the year at the federal level and are mandatory in a manner that ensures that they are commensurate with the highest quality and environmental requirements. " The new standards include the obligation of supplier and producer companies to free products traded in the state market from any harmful chemicals or heavy metals, while ensuring that no odors of such dyes are emitted that harm human health, especially school students.
He was pleased to say that if any irregularities were seized in the matter, the "ESMA" or strategic partners of the federal and local government sector would take clear action to eliminate the violation and the consequences thereof. Noting that the authority was competent to assign the offending party responsible for placing the product in the market by withdrawing it, correcting its status or re-exporting outside the state if it is imported or is securely disposed of domestically according to established procedures if it is a homemade product.
In cooperation with the competent authorities of the State, the authority was working with regulatory agencies, municipalities and the economic Development Community to implement national market control plan, which includes regular field surveys at the state level to scrutinize the extent to which these products conform to the standards The established specifications and the assurance that our markets are free from non-conforming products or with negative impacts on public health and the environment. "
According to the Emirati paints and varnish control system, the green Card is required for the product to meet specifications requirements. The standard approved as well as the product line that manufactures the requirements of the Quality Management systems "ISO 9001" as well as meeting the requirements of a competency rating The environmental performance of the product.
Al-Ma'ini said that factories and companies producing paints and varnishes have a strict obligation to ensure that harmful substances such as lead or any of heavy metals in the installation of packagings and packaging materials and also make sure that packaging and packing materials carry the recycling code in case of use of packagings Plastic while the body and other relevant competent authorities have the right to obtain samples from the product to carry out the necessary checks and ensure that it conforms to the requirements of the relevant ministerial decision.

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