"ESMA" carries out 4th workshop on industrial measurement system


​The Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA) has implemented the 4th awareness workshops for producers and suppliers at the federal level, attended by about 30 major producers and manufacturers of juices and bottled water to introduce the industrial measurement system No. 9 of 2017, which will enter into force this year.

The industrial measurement system, applies to dealers and suppliers of materials packaged in various types of packaging, As per His Excellency Abdullah Al Maeeni, ESMA Director General.


He confirmed that by starting the mandatory system of industrial measurements, the UAE is entering a new stage of controlling the quality, weights and sizes of manufactured products in local markets.


We will require factories and national production facilities to implement the national system, which will help their products for market display as best as possible, and enable them to gain great confidence and credibility with consumers and foreign markets. He added.


The industrial measurements system aims to adjust the measurements in the factories by following quality procedures to ensure the calibration and adjustment of measuring instruments in all stages of production.


It also aims to qualify and raise the efficiency of workers in the field of measurements and calibration, and prepare a clear measurement manual that regulates the supervision of measurements in factories to reduce errors in measurement. Al Maeeni said.


Al Maeeni praised the importance of the national system of industrial measurements in terms of saving time and effort in the cases and stages of inspection of the production lines in the factories, in such a way as to provide assistance to producers and reduce the losses resulting from the waste of raw materials during production and manufacturing.


It also achieve maximum accuracy in the weights and sizes and quantities in products, And reduces the chances of errors resulting from inaccurate weights.


Eng. Amina Zainal, ESMA's Director of Standards Department, said that the national system of industrial measurements will require factories and production lines to be applied, as well as reduce waste in the production process.


The application will be mandatory for the production of juices and energy drinks, fresh poultry, bottled water, paints and detergents. She added.


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