ESMA: Completion of a program to check medical devices at 13 clinics in Dubai


ESMA: Completion of a program to check medical devices at 13 clinics in Dubai


Dubai, United Arab Emirates - A government team of Emirates authority for Standardisation & metrology- ESMA, the Dubai Health Authority, and Dubai Municipality have announced the completion of the first phase of the medical measurement verification program in the 13 primary health care clinics of the Health Authority in the Emirate of Dubai.


Eng. Amina Zainal, Director of Standardization Department, (ESMA), confirmed that the conformity of all medical measuring devices in the joint program which started last June. It included verification of blood pressure and thermometers instruments, According to the regulation of Medical Measurement Instruments No. 2 of 2012 issued by "ESMA".


She explained at a press conference held last week at the Zabeel Health Center in Dubai, that the application of the verification program of medical measuring instruments comes in accordance with the decision of the UAE cabinet No. 31 of 2006 regarding the national measurement system.




She add that: ESMA aims to raise the quality of health services provided In accordance with the best international standards and specifications, in line with the objectives of the national agenda to achieve sustainable health, and strengthen the status of the country as a center in the application of the best standards of measurement and international standards.


This is the first of its kind in the region, according to Zainal, which confirmed that such a campaign is the first of its kind in the GCC countries, and involves inspectors of the ESMA in coordination and integration with the Dubai Central Laboratory in Dubai Municipality, Dubai Health authority.


The Director of Standardisation Metrology Department at "ESMA" praised the great coordination efforts exerted by Dubai Health Authority and Dubai Municipality to ensure the success of this pilot project, which will include the second phase of the public hospitals sector, followed by a third stage including specialized medical centers and private hospitals in the Emirate of Dubai.


Zainal said that the keen interest in health measurements by the concerned authorities in the UAE would protect the public health of individuals in the UAE and enhance the presence of (ESMA) within the GCC Technical Standards Committee. In the Gulf Standardisation Organization.


Dubai 1st. Regional


Dr. Manal Taryam, CEO of Primary Healthcare Sector, Dubai Health Authority, said that the DHA is making efforts to strengthen the health sector strategy and achieve the Authority's vision of reaching a healthier and healthier society. The first in the region to obtain the standard in the health sector.


She pointed out that DHA is keen to coordinate and cooperate with ESMA and the Dubai Central Laboratory of Dubai Municipality in order to achieve the verification of its medical devices in accordance with the best local standards and specifications to achieve a leading addition to its medical achievements. To ensure patient safety.


Health - safety


Mr. Khalid Sherif, Executive Director of Dubai Municipality's Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Sector, was very pleased with the cooperation between government agencies.


The results of which are reflected positively and directly on the health and safety of the individual and society, calling on all parties to expand the horizons of cooperation by covering all possible areas, he added.


To convey this message and the high happiness on the face of the individual and society, stressing that the Dubai Municipality, represented by the Dubai Central Laboratory will spare no effort to provide the required addition and distinct. He said.


In any location and has been prepared and ready to meet the highest standards and international standards, In line with the Government's good intentions and the Dubai Municipality's vision of "Building a Happy and Sustainable City".


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