Aimed at promoting international recognition of national action Malaysian delegation to the Emirates system to control Halal products


The Emirates Standards and Metrology Authority (ESMA), yesterday, hosted a delegation from the Malaysian Islamic Development Authority, Jakim, who is conducting an official visit to state, for the dark Emirati to control halal products, and how the Emirates builds on the best global practices in this framework.
The Malaysian delegation will also be informed of the regulatory and supervisory system on the lines of production, packaging and storage of halal products in some industrial facilities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, in a move aimed at achieving recognition of the national halal system.
Engineer Issa Abdel Rahman al-Hashimi, director of the Department of Conformity Affairs of the Authority, stated that the Emirati system of halal had become a global echo in view of the United Arab Emirates system of the strengths of ensuring adherence to the requirements of Islamic Sharia and global quality regulations with the highest degree of excellence has prompted the major global bodies to request mutual recognition.
He considered that the national system had gone beyond the considerable time-frames, with three years of launching the global demand for recognition the system that pursues global best practices within a national framework that serves to advance the sustainable development of the State reflects the distinctive tools in their promulgation and application and that they are viewed by States as an addition to the global halal industry system, which we can affirm with its application, it will contribute to greater ease and flexibility in production and flow in the movement of products between nations.
The Malaysian recognition of the national system of the halal industry will be reckoned with by the UAE regionally and globally, and we expect it to contribute to further easing of trade between the state and the world, Al Hashimi said through the globalization of the specifications and procedures for the award of the label by bringing it to the relevant international organizations for adoption at the international level and making it the basis for international trade.
The Director of the Department of Reconciliation explained that the Emirates and Malaysian halal system was almost 95 per cent similar only to the simple differences required by each country, such as the requirements for slaughtering and product quality assurance, Malaysia's dependence will help strengthen the emirate's halal system and its status as a global logistics site. We can import from the Far East and export to the far west by relying on a single sign rather than previously used to have a different set of markings.
He noted that the UAE would also benefit from this recognition by facilitating the acceptance of the national sign of halal from the Emirates by all the countries that accept the Malaysian halal sign, which is more than 50. State, which will facilitate the UAE trade and reflect positively on the national economic performance, especially as we have become a leading country in the area of brand award for products that conform to the UAE standard specifications.
"Some products that are received for example from the countries of Europe for shipment to Malaysia via the UAE previously needed a maximum of 3" halal» One from each country, while now and after recognition between the UAE and Malaysia, the Emirati product will be able to enter Malaysian markets with a brand, certificate and only one measure, which would shorten the time, effort and costs which we look forward to such agreements.
Al-Hashimi noted the great turnout by local, regional and international companies to obtain the national label for Halal that surpassed the local level of 150 companies and reaches the global level to a hundred of enterprises and factories with halal certification these enterprises have become consumer confidence, which is linked to the growth of the market for Shariah-compliant products domestically, regionally and internationally. He drew attention to the continuing efforts of the UAE to extend the national system of Halal, which would enable us to reach regional and international leadership as well as all the achievements of the State in this area are part of the effort to realize the government's vision of a good world by the year 2021.
The recognition agreement will enable UAE products on a "halal" mark to enter markets that they could not have previously, which will be reflected on the UAE and Malaysian parties, which are new conditions added to the positive conditions that favour traders and domestic producers, especially since the halal product sector is growing at 8 per cent per annum according to specialized international Studies and reports

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