After entering the list of terms of supply and amendment came into effect last June Issuing certificates «Auto-Modified» Soon


The Director of the Department of Conformity Affairs of the Emirates Standards and Metrology Authority (ESMA), Eng. Issa Abdel Rahman Al Hashimi, revealed that "the authority in the coming period, the first batch of matching certificates will be issued in the state, after entering a new regulation announced by the authority last June, which deals with the conditions for the supply and modification of vehicles, will contribute a remarkable image in increasing safety and security indicators on state roads, and following the protection of public and private property».

"The Commission is currently considering dozens of applications from the owners of vehicles that have been supplied over the past period," said Hashemi, for the UAE today, pointing out that the commission they have seen an understanding of vehicle owners, having been satisfied that the vehicles supplied and modified without controls are part of the safety and security challenges of both public and private individuals or property. "

The Hashmi estimated the size of the vehicle supply market, saying that "the data indicates that there are thousands of vehicles, which were provided illegal, and has been the subject of sanctions and fines by the concerned State authorities during the past period, in the past, the owners of the modified vehicles faced problems with the regulatory authorities and were subject to established irregularities in illegal supply of vehicles, but the situation has now been codified to ensure public and private interest».

He explained that "the owners of these vehicles have been able to adjust their condition, according to 10 prescribed requirements of the President, in accordance with the traffic regulations in force state, the safe conduct of state roads, and in a manner that ensures the safety of drivers, vehicles and public and private property».

"The requirements applied within the modified vehicle specification are to eliminate the chaos and randomness of the automobile supply markets," Hashemi said, pointing out that "vehicles contrary to these requirements will not be licensed." He stressed that the requirements would contribute to increasing safety and road safety indicators, especially since vehicles supplied and modified without controls were part of the safety and security challenges, both for individuals and for property.

According to the director of the matching Department of the specifications, "applications for the registration of modified vehicles are increasing in a way that reflects the understanding of the consumers vehicle owners of the regulation, which contain technical requirements to be available in vehicles and mechanisms, and the conditions for modifying vehicles. "The system has defined safety requirements for modified cars, and the limits allowed for modification, such as the length and height of the modified vehicle," said Hashemi., and requirements to be followed when adjusting to cooling and exhaust systems, increasing the strength and torque of the vehicle, or making changes in its external appearance. According to the Hashemite list, 10 modifications are the engine, exhaust system, suspension, change of vehicle seating order, and shipping systems, the air dispenser within the engine, the transmission, the high performance brake system, the protection rods, and the base (Shassi).

In the past, the Board had held meetings and workshops with manufacturers, traders and automobile agencies to clarify the mechanism for adopting modifications and vehicle supplies, according to the standard specification. The system determines the safety requirements for modified cars and the limits allowed for modification, such as the length and height of the modified vehicle, requirements should be followed when adjusting refrigeration and exhaust systems, increasing the strength and torque of the vehicle, or making changes in its external appearance. Emirates Standards and Metrology Authority (ESMA) confirmed that "new requirements for modified vehicles will eliminate the randomness and chaos of the operations supplying and modifying vehicles, through the framework of an organization that is applied, to ensure the protection of life and public and private property in the State». In awareness-raising, the organization organized awareness workshops to publicize the decision of the Council of Ministers, No. 45 of 2016, on the requirements safety for modified vehicles, targeting consumer awareness, in order to hedge against products that do not meet safety requirements.

"The new regulation is expected to contribute to the reduction of traffic accidents resulting from the alteration of passenger cars and to contribute to reduce financial losses as well, and reduce the environmental impacts of modifying passenger cars in ways that do not meet safety and security requirements.»

From awareness-raising workshops, the authority aimed to highlight the regulation among the regulatory authorities and strategic partners of the state, such as federal Insurance Authority, Ministry of the Interior, Roads and communications Authority, as well as private institutions similar to workshops and centers vehicle supply services, car agencies, modified vehicle providers and spare parts suppliers for modified vehicles, as well as the inspection of modified vehicles in the State, to achieve the highest level of awareness of the regulation and its details.

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