A federal project in cooperation with ADP is the first of its kind "ESMA" and "ADP" announce "development of UAE Standard specification for Happiness"


H.E. Dr. Rashid Ahmed bin Fahad, Minister of state, Chairman of the board of Directors of Emirates Standards and Standards Authority, announced the preparation of the Commission in cooperation and coordination with ADP General leadership, a standard UAE for Happiness project in working environments, the Emirates will record an unprecedented global footprint in the standards of institutional happiness, which will have a positive impact on employees, the client community and the rest of society at large.

His Excellency (Monday) said at the signing ceremony for the launch of the Happiness Specification project held in the capital of Abu Dhabi, in the presence of His Excellency General Mohammad Khalfan Al Rumaithi, Commander-in-chief of ADP, that launching this UAE standard for happiness in government action will serve as a benchmark for the advancement of the national working environment, contributing to the dissemination of the concept of happiness in the UAE society.

His Excellency stressed that strategic and complementary cooperation between federal and local government agencies made the UAE one of the first initiatives at the local and regional levels, in keeping with the highest standards of the world's happier in modern history, when a standard of happiness has been adopted whose impact can be measured, and whose indicators are monitored in working environments, which we look forward to circulating at the federal level, through cooperation with the Ministry of State for Happiness.

He added that such a project, developed by ADP General Command, was adopted by the Emirates Authority for standardization and metrology. ESMA ", in cooperation with government partners, is a translation of the Wise vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President, president the Cabinet of the ruler of Dubai, the shepherds of God, and the directives of his brother Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, deputy supreme commander of the armed forces, whose aim is to establish happiness and positive values as a fundamental value in the UAE society, through government policies, programmes and services Contribute to the industry of a positive and happy society.

His Excellency stated that the Emirati standard of happiness would be fully in accordance with the National Charter of Happiness and Positive, adopted by the distinguished Cabinet about a year ago, which set out the state's commitment towards its sons and daughters and residents on its territory, and that the Emirates is a centre and global destination for the most distinguished government action, which consolidates the concept of happiness and the content of the positive as fundamental values.

His Excellency explained that the Emirati standard of happiness would help to provide practical tools to measure the impact of happiness on all individuals and groups and segments of society, contributing to the harmonization of public plans of the state, programmes and policies which ensures the achievement of the values of happiness and positivity in Emirati society, the first standard of its kind with measurable indicators, to be used in measuring and documenting, and to trace happiness and positive, by applying the criteria and requirements of this specification.


His Excellency General Mohammad Khalfan Al Rumaithi, Commander-in-chief of ADP, praised the cooperation between ADP and Emirates Authority for specifications and measures that come within the framework of the consolidation of efforts to adopt the best strategies for developing working and partnership mechanisms that promote the concept of action and the highest standards of quality and excellence, working to translate this cooperation through the signing of the joint work Agreement and the launch of the "Happiness Specification" project that translates into the aspirations and vision of our good leadership to raise the level of happiness and a sense of positive, and to reflect that vision from The UAE government has accepted to raise the happiness index in all services and different performance levels to enhance customer satisfaction and service applicants.

His Excellency said the signing of the agreement in its new suit comes in order to keep abreast of the best outputs, develop cooperation mechanisms and work together, according to one unified vision, in line with the best specifications and quality standards adopted by "specifications", so that we will always be in a process of development that does not stop at a certain point, and in order to reflect what we all aspire to in the field to achieve the best results.

General Al Rumaithi added that ADP public leadership always seeks to implement the government's vision of good governance, and is always at the forefront in applying global best practices and adopting best initiatives and strategies, and transfer of knowledge at the local and federal levels in all sectors to achieve the best quality and output levels that enhance the urban face of ADP.

The general command of ADP is always ready to work and coordinate with all local authorities and for the ultimate goal, he said. To serve our cherished country, to realize the aspirations of our good leadership, the hopes of our society in all its sectors and segments, and to promote partnerships at the level the local, regional and international levels to achieve the strategies designed to improve performance and the best global standards, and the adoption of the happiness specification complements the conditional quality specification to be one of the fruits of constructive and fruitful cooperation with the Emirates Standards and Metrology authority.

Colonel Dr. Eng. Ibrahim al-Hinai, director of ADP Strategy and Performance Development department, also delivered a statement confirming the launch of the Abu Dhabi Police's Happiness Specification project and Emirates Standards and metrology authority comes within the framework of the existing cooperation between the two sides with a view to reaching the best quality and performance levels at the level of services, in line with ADP strategy to be one of the best police institutions worldwide, by embracing the best global initiatives, plans and practices to translate the aspirations and vision of our good leadership into a race that will always be For the better, and work to further develop Without standing at success, work to do more and work towards the best.


Al-Hinai added that the launch of the project was the result of joint cooperation between the Authority and ADP, in order to work in accordance with the best mechanisms and means to promote the value of happiness and a sense of positive in institutions and organizations as the general framework and scientific approach to the application of the standards of happiness positive in the public and private sectors, he stressed the eagerness of ADP to cooperate with partners in order to reach the best and at all levels He also praised the great confidence in the level of partnership with the Board and strategic partners at the local, regional and international levels as a reflection To the efforts we are all making to develop cooperation mechanisms, and to determine the best global high-level outputs that correspond to the best standards and global standards to serve the community in all its sectors and harness all resources and energies in order to complete the process of modernization and development to always be in the foreground.

The Director of strategy management concluded by noting that the specification of happiness was a clearly defined mechanism, as was the global specification, in order to promote happiness and positive in working environments is a viable and measurable specification for promoting the concept of community and positive happiness through programs and initiatives and services in all sectors that are in line with the National Pact of Happiness and positivity and is the project of the Happiness specification It is the first of its kind to promote positive and happiness as an ingrained culture in Emirati society and at all levels.

During the ceremony, the application of the Happiness Specification project was launched, where the commander-in-chief of ADP gave the launch signal, where the application provides all the details of the specification on the smart devices.

After the signing of the agreement on the launch of the project, His Excellency Dr. Rashid Ahmed bin Fahad, Minister of state, Chairman of the board of Directors of Emirates Standards and metrology, received the " ESMA " of "We are all policemen" initiative Al Rumaithi, Commander-in-chief of ADP, which has received considerable attention from all actors and dignitaries in the emirate of Abu Dhabi and focuses on activating the community role alongside ADP.​

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