«ESMA» warns of non-certified devices to measure chemicals in vegetables and fruits


The Emirates authority for specifications and standards has warned of the spread of unsupported devices and produces non-real results and is considered a "misleading" to measure the ratio of chemicals in some fruits and vegetables in the state markets it is called green Test greentest, a sign that it is promoted through social media.
and the specifications of Emirates today confirmed that it is coordinating with the economic development departments and the municipalities at the current state level in order to pull these products out of the state market, noting that the presence of this device and its promotion in the market is misleading consumers.
For its part, Dubai economic confirmed that it is in the coordination with specifications to pull the appliance out of the emirate's markets.
In detail, the Director general of Emirates Standards and Standards Authority, Abdullah Abdulqader al-Ma'ini, warned of the spread of "misleading" devices to measure the proportion of chemicals in some vegetables and fruits in state markets, called Green Test greentest, pointing out that some are using them and promoting them through social media.
• "ESMA" confirmed that there was no scientific origin of the indicators resulting from these devices.
Al Ma'ini told the UAE Today: "ESMA" coordinates with the state-level economic development and municipal services for the withdrawal of these products from the state market».
"The presence and promotion of this system in the market is misleading consumers, and the presence of such devices in the market has not been for examination or approval by the authority, which is contrary to the regulations of the measuring devices traded in the state market».
According to the information available, the method of checking some vegetables and fruits, as shown in the video of the said device, is not the method of testing chemical elements and the sale of such devices in the market is more likely to affect consumers as having an impact on the discovery of chemicals, which are among the marketing tricks of some companies to promote their products.
He stressed that there was no scientific basis or origin of the results, ratios and indicators resulting from this type of device, explaining that the examination of the proportions of chemicals in products should to be carried out through devices that are subject to laboratory testing and periodic calibration, to confirm their readiness to inspect the chemicals and the accuracy of their measurements, which has never occurred in the case of the said device.
This device was featured in widely traded video clips across social networks, and the UAE today has a copy of it, and it has been extensively advertised through these networks over the past period.
The Ma'ini emphasized that the device gave false information, was not registered with the competent local authorities and should be registered with the concerned authorities, before being sold and promoted, to ascertain its purpose and accuracy in calibration and metering, especially since this type of appliance was not subject to certified calibration, and thus its presence in the domestic market is a contravention, and the parties concerned must take measures to stop their market circulation.
He denied that such a device would be eligible for such an examination, or that it would conform to the Emirati standard specifications from the ground, stressing that the adoption consumers on unreliable devices in metering have a misdirection, and result in unreliable results and may adversely affect the health and safety of the consumer.
Consumers called for not dealing with such devices that have direct repercussions on the public health of consumers, and attention continuously to the warnings (ESMA) and local stakeholders about these products.
For his part, the executive director of the Dubai Economic and consumer protection sector, Mohammed Ali Rashed Lotta, said he was currently in the process of harmonizing (specifications) and (economic) Dubai in order to pull of the emirate's markets, pointing to the continued cooperation of the Dubai Economic system to withdraw equipment not conforming to the standards of the emirate's markets, in the framework of protecting the rights of consumers and maintaining their safety.

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