Agreement with the Korean Institute for Lighting Technology


​​​​​​The Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) has signed a joint technical cooperation agreement with the Korean Institute for Lighting Technology, aiming to enhance technical cooperation in conformity programs with regard to the efficiency of light bulbs and their safety requirements, HE Eng. Mohammad Saleh Badri, acting Director General of ESMA said in a statement. ​This agreement is amidst other measures undertaken by ESMA to set up a unified Emirati standard and legislation for the safety and energy efficiency of electric lamps and accessories, in line with the best international practices in this field. He said that these practices will entail assessment by preparing a report on lamps based on their efficiency and safety requirements, particularly with regard to hazardous materials and chemicals. He explained that the agreement aims to train the personnel in the field of electric lamps, their types and efficiency. He added that as per the agreement, KILT will provide electric lamp technological consultancy in terms of efficiency, safety and tests. HE Eng. Mohammad Saleh Badri, stressed that ESMA, in cooperation with the Korean Institute of Lighting Technology, will conduct a study on the types of electric lamps in the country, consult the Institute’s experts, conduct joint tests and studies and take part in energy efficiency programs on lighting. He added that the agreement also aims to provide assistance to official bodies on how to issue legislations for technical regulations on safety and energy efficiency of electric lamps and accessories". He pointed out that such legislations are flexible and efficient with no further unjustified burdens on these bodies and without putting hurdles in front of manufacturers and merchants working in this sector. Eng. Badri, also highlighted that this agreement will enable the government and private entities to benefit from the wide experiences of the Korean Institute of Lighting Technology. He said that ESMA had already signed 33 international agreements, 25 of which are with foreign organizations and the rest with Arab ones. He added that such "safety and energy efficiency of electric lamps and accessories" legislation will prevent the production, import and use of unsafe and inefficient lighting and accessories in the UAE and to increase efficiency of energy use in the country by upgrading and improving energy efficiency of a number of household appliances, particularly electric light bulbs, air conditioners and washing machines. He pointed out that ESMA has started implementing specific standards with regard to rationalization of electric air-conditioners energy use. In cooperation with Ministry of Economy and other concerned bodies, ESMA will prevent importing old air conditioners unless they have certain technical standards, and will ban using them in the country in the UAE even if they are produced, imported or re-exported.​

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