• Halal Certification bodies in the following scope
    Certification Of Slaughter Houses Certification Of Food Products Certification Of Cosmetics
  • Fill the Halal Registration Application Form(s) according to the selected scope:
  • Purchase of standards related to Halal certification bodies activities and according to the list below.from ESMA Website.
    UAE.S 2055 -1:2015 - Halal products - Part one: General Requirements for Halal Food UAE.S/GSO 2055-2:2014 - Halal products - Part two: General Requirements for Halal Certification Bodies UAE.S /GSO 2055 -2:2010 - Halal Food- Part (2): guidelines for halal food Certification Bodies and their Accreditation Requirements UAE.S 2055 - 4:2014 - Halal Products- Part 4:Requirements for Cosmetics and Personal care
  • To apply for Halal Registration Service, please complete the application form relevant to your scope online along with required fees.

Application Fees

1000 AED

Certificate Fees Of Halal Registration CABs

1000 AED

Renewal Of Halal Registration

800 AED

Scope Expansion

500 AED

Uplift Suspension

500 AED

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