​​​​​​​​ Federal Manaa

February 2019

Mandatory UAE legislation for measurements of electricity, water and gas meters

The Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) has always aim to improve the quality infrastructure in the UAE in order to enhance the competitiveness of the country, protect the consumer and support the national economy. 

The mandatory technical regulation of legal measuring instruments will include water meters, electricity, thermal energy, gas, etc., and will contribute to reducing the potential waste resulting from inaccurate meter reading, which will help the state to achieve financial savings estimated at 281 million dirhams annually, according to a rough technical study conducted by ESMA. 

ESMA works in light of the objectives of the National Agenda 2021, in terms of indicators to ensure the sustainability of sustainable development, and efforts to protect the environment and achieve balance between economic and social development, especially in the indicator of achieving a sustainable environment, and attention to a competitive knowledge economy, employing technology to provide high-quality services and cost Less. 

It encourages innovation, research and development of the business environment, and for that it develops national legislation, technical regulations and standards that ensure this is achieved, similar to the current regulation.


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