implementation-E-nicotine-producimplementation of the technical regulation of E-nicotine products that began in mid-April 2019ts


​​common questions  about E-nicotine regualtion

1. How do I get the service card for E-nicotine products:​

kindly download it from here

Labeling of Electronic Cigarettes products
E-Cigarettes devise
E-Cigarettes Products Servise card

2. What activities are required to be in the commercial license:

General trading or any activity related to the trade of E- nicotine products

3- What are the service fees:

AED 6,100 per certificate

4- How many model/flavor are allowed in a single certificate?

Depends on the number of model/flavor  in the test report as the certificate issues based on one test report only.

5- What is the allowed capacity for the liquid bottled and for the electronic device tank

Please refer to standard 5030: 2018 in the standard store


6- What are the certificates required before the product is put in the market?

Certificate for the electronic device, if any

Certificate for product (Liquid) evaluation.

Certificate for card label evaluation

7- What is the average time to get the service

5 working days

8. What is the validity of the certificate?

Certificate for electronic device if available

(one year)

Certificate for Product (liquid) evaluation

(one year)

certificate for card label evaluation

(valid as long as product label is not changed)

9. how to Apply for a certificate?

By applying in ESMA website through the following link:


10. Can I register disposable devices?

disposable Devices with disposable batteries that cannot be recharged are not allowed

11. What are the requirements for each certificate

Please refer to its service cards

12- How to get warning phrases and warning pictures

Available in standard 5030: 2018 At the standards store.


13- Do I need a certified distributor's ownership from the factory?


14. Do raw materials or un-processing materials require approval from ESMA before importing?


15. Can I apply for Emirates quality mark for the same products

Emirates quality mark is not allowed for this product type.

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