To: Food Manufacturers and Suppliers

​Please be informed that the Implementation of UAE mandatory standard No. UAE.S 2233 version 2017 regarding “Requirements on nutrition labeling", which approved by the cabinet decree number (1) for year 2017 dated on 3 January 2017 has come to an affect in UAE. Kindly see below instructions on the implementation according to the following:

Scope: These Standard are concerned with the requirements on nutrition labeling of packaged food products.

This Standard applies to all packaged foods except for the following materials and, if written in an optional manner, shall be bound to be accurate and correct:

  • Small popular kitchen products.
  • Food delivered in restaurants or delivered to homes and ready for direct consumption.
  • Food that is marketed directly to the consumer from its preparation site such as baked goods, salads, jams and pastries
  • Foods that do not provide high nutritional value so that the amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates, fats, saturated fats, salt or sodium and the total sugars is very small (which can be expressed in zero) such as spices and condiments.
  • Food additives in raw form.
  • Food requiring further manufacturing or packaging before retailing.
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits include any mixture of fresh vegetables or fruits, whole or cut, without any additives (such as salad without toast) and not including vegetables and dried fruits.
  • Meat, poultry and fresh and chilled fish, not including meat and poultry added to spices or water, or processed meat cooked.
  • Food items consisting of a single nutrient such as rice, tea, coffee or sugar.
  • Bottled water and bottled natural mineral water.
  • Foods with small packages (with a surface area of less than 10 cm2).
  • Non-direct selling packaging bearing the term "not for retail sale".
  • External packaging’s for self-service food that carry nutrition labels on an accompanying plate or on the original packaging.
  • Food donated or provided free of charge only if allocated for sale later
  • Foods with special medical uses may require additional provisions. Reference may be made to GSO No. 654GSO, "General requirements for packaged foods with special nutritional uses".

Date of Commencement 01 August 2017

Copy from the standard UAE.S 2233 version 2017 “Requirements on nutrition labeling “can be obtained on the following link:

UAE.S 2233:2017​

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