To : Motor Vehicle Manufacturers


In reference to the Implementation of Standard GSO 42:2015 regarding emission levels for 2018 models, kindly find below clarifications on implementation process and timelines:

NoVehicle Model yearFinal Registration/Dispensing in UAE's Conditions
1Model Year 2017 and earlierNot Applicable Shall have a valid GSO Conformity Certificate
2Model Year 2018 (non-Compliance to Euro IV)31st March 2018Shall have a valid GSO Conformity Certificate issued earlier than 1st July 2017. For those Models a new GSO Certificate shall be gained for model 2018 (including Euro IV compliance) before 31st December 2017 to all importation of vehicles.
3Model Year 2018 (Compliance to Euro IV)1st January 2018 and onwardShall have a valid GSO Conformity Certificate before 1st of January 2018


Also, it is noted that All Vehicles imported to the UAE shall have a valid GSO conformity Certificate as per the following conditions:

  1. Following GSO Notification dated 1st June 2017 regarding enforcement of Emission Levels.
  2. Following GSO notification dated 15th of June 2017 regarding certificate types and applicability to GCC member countries. ​

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