Manaa System


​​​​​​​"Manaa" is an interactive online system accessible through website and mobile application launched by the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council (QCC).

"Manaa" consists of product recall and incident reporting system that allows consumers to view and identify products that have been withdrawn from the market for non-compliance to the UAE’s safety standards, in addition to report injuries and incidents caused by consumer products.

Benefits of "Manaa"
  • View and search recalled products list.
  • Report incident/ injury caused by a consumer product.
  • Report a recalled product found in the Abu Dhabi market.
"Manaa" Objectives
  • Safety of consumers.
  • Safer and fai​rer market environment.
  • Increase the awareness of consumer products safety.
  • Creating a culture of reporting incidents and injuries.
Registration and Reporting Incident
  • ​​Consumers can visit "Manaa"  ​WebSite
  • Register and fill in the form.
  • Record incident through a voice-recording feature.
  • Register telephone num​ber and ask for a call back.

  • Anyone can submit a report to "Manaa" after registration, however, viewing and searching product recall list does not require registration.
  • ​ Even if there is no actual incident, you can also report any product that has the potential to cause harm to individuals or properties, or result in a security or data protection breach.
  • Near-miss situations can also be reported.

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