Emirates National Accreditation System (ENAS)     

ENAS Vision 
Regional leader in the world of accreditation

ENAS Policy
Emirates National Accreditation System (ENAS) is committed to improve the competence and integrity of conformity assessment bodies by assessing them through an internationally recognized accreditation system thus promoting quality culture in UAE, which ultimately benefit the consumers, producers, regulators and other stakeholders

ENAS Mission
ENAS has the mission to provide confidence to purchasers and regulators and facilitate national and international trade through one-stop process.

Organizational Chart
ENAS is a federal accreditation body governed by the government laws and bylaws and as such governmental body, it has an independent and impartial position with regard to its relations with accredited bodies and their clients, a particular consideration was taken into account when designing ENAS organization structure to ensure its impartially and independence.

Emirates Standardization and Metrology Authority was established in 2001 in accordance with the Federal Law No.: (28) of the year 2001. It started planning to establish a national accreditation system that is reliable and has the resources and qualifications required to run it in accordance with the latest standards, in the beginning of 2004, the authority started activating and operating the National Accreditation System (ENAS) in accordance with the Executive regulation of ENAS (as per the decision of Council of Ministers NO.: 351/5/2004, dated 24/5/2004). The Emirates National Accreditation system functions in accordance with the following mechanisms which guarantee:

  • Impartiality, integrity and independence of the accreditation activities of from the other different activities and meeting the international requirements.
  • Optimum utilization of resources, expertise and knowledge available in the country.
  • Involvement of all related parties who are concerned with accreditation activities. 
  • Flexibility and technical independence.

The administration and running of (ENAS) is carried out by the accreditation department in the Authority. The accreditation Department enjoys the needed independency and flexibility to run the Emirates National Accreditation System in accordance the International standards and requirements of accreditation systems. The staff of this department is highly qualified, competent and has distinctive experience in accreditation and conformity assessment.

Current Responsibilities
Like most of the accreditation bodies around the world, ENAS carries out the following tasks:

  • To accredit various types of CABs including testing & calibration labs, medical labs, inspection bodies, product certification bodies, certification bodies for QMS, EMS & FSMS etc;
  • To register laboratories located in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi for initial issuance and renewal of license
  • To guide, coordinate and organize proficiency testing schemes for the accredited laboratories.
  • To sign mutual recognition arrangements with regional and international accreditation bodies that operate in accordance with international standards & practices and to represent the country in regional and international organizations in the field of accreditation.
  • To organize and conduct awareness seminars & training courses in the field of Accreditation for general public, policy makers, relevant stakeholders including conformity assessment bodies, assessors and other related parties on accreditation requirements and techniques.
  • To encourage exchange of knowledge and experience between assessors of ENAS and between the accredited conformity assessment bodies.
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