Breaking News

  • Large increase in number of factories and products with EQM
  • Online drone registration system launched by authorities
  • Modern specifications of "dizziness" tobacco eliminate its indiscriminate circulation in the market
  • General Manager ESMA for "WAM": Smart chip to check the quality of school dyes
  • 350 participants in the future AV conference in Dubai
  • "ESMA" carries out awareness campaign about the UAE's flag standards
  • "ESMA" produces 24 thousand standard specifications for improving the quality of life and supporting the national econom
  • Participation of the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology at GITEX 2017
  • “ESMA” develops federal requirements for safety in self-driving vehicles
  • ESMA and "Child safety" are public in the vehicle's child seat system
  • Obliging their suppliers to enhance the safety of the young New specifications for securing children's desks
  • ESMA: Mandatory requirements for tuning the efficiency of car garages according to the Starsystem»
  • After entering the list of terms of supply and amendment came into effect last June Issuing certificates «Auto-Modified» Soon
  • «ESMA»: A new poster to develop energy efficiency in electrical appliances
  • Includes non-biodegradable chemicals ESMA for pulling motor oil total
  • Includes non-biodegradable chemicals "Total" of the market for water and soil pollution
  • Aimed at promoting international recognition of national action Malaysian delegation to the Emirates system to control Halal products
  • Malaysian delegation to the Emirates system to control Halal products
  • Inspected 15 sales points in Dubai and Sharjah and violated 4 outlets. "ESMA" conducts a comprehensive survey of the state-level automobile tyre outlets
  • «ESMA» warns of non-certified devices to measure chemicals in vegetables and fruits
  • The first of its kind in collaboration with the "ESMA"... Abu Dhabi Police launches UAE standard specification for Happiness
  • Abu Dhabi Police and ESMA and the application is optional in the first stage Standard for happiness in business environments
  • A federal project in cooperation with ADP is the first of its kind "ESMA" and "ADP" announce "development of UAE Standard specification for Happiness"
  • Local and global company got the "label" in "sector" since mid-2016 «ESMA» gives 5 companies for cosmetic label «Halal»
  • Rashid Bin Fahad: Transforming the Halal industry to an international initiative
  • Meeting of global Halal standards in Dubai and bin Fahad Al-CNN: UAE Globalization Halal
  • "ESMA " adopt "Emirates Metrology" national institute for measuring the state
  • New web portal proves successful in regulating used car market
  • Allows consumers to check their quality and submit electronic communications Circular «Blocker» to provide information on withdrawn products
  • New regulatory standards for commercial, recreational use of drones in UAE
  • "ESMA" develop "sentences" to measure the performance of vehicles in the desert and Badlands
  • The Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) has issued , an electronic assessment system for the technical and administrative competencies of the citizens nominated for vacancies in the Commission.
  • 13.200 ecological mark for building paints products last month. "ESMA" issued 3000 specification Inuk serve local and international production line 83
  • ESMA to receive electronic verification requests for imported used vehicles from 21st March 2017.
  • "ESMA" expanded national programme "energy saving" Competency requirements are applied to 1.3 million electric product last year including air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators and water heaters
  • Dr Rashid bin Fahad world water day emphasizes the role of "specification" in achieving the highest standards of sustainability in natural water resources by applying "Emirati system to control water consumption guide tools
  • "ESMA" celebrates International Day of happiness
  • "ESMA " offer advice directly to consumers via experts under the platform product quality awareness
  • ESMA "6 Russian companies" the UAE mark of the halal "
  • UAE to host "the global halal industry platform" in Dubai Specification: 18 a halal specification adopted in 2016
  • Website Launching On Gitex
  • for your safety
  • UAE achieved global leadership in the field of biodegradable plastic bags to ensure sustainability of the environment
  • Find all the requirements for obtaining a license for the national brands by clicking on our website
  • Did you know ?
  • Green Card system is applied
  • National Mark Halal
  • Authority updates gas cylinder regulations
  • ESMA Joins the world in celebration of Earth Hour
  • Al Ain Dairy Awarded Emirates Quality Mark 2012.
  • «Specifications»: A new poster to develop energy efficiency in electrical appliances



​​Issuance of notification certificate According to the technical requirements of the cabinet resolution No. 35 for the year 2015, click here For more information, refer to ESMA website


Service Type: Service subset procedural

  • Video
  • Registration Requirements
  • Service Provider
  • Description Of The Process
  • Fees
  • Service Steps And Procedures
  • Direct Contact
  • Service Channel
  • The Average Period For Service Completion
  • Target Audience
  • Availability Of The Service
  • Service Limitation

Valid UAE Trade License

Clients Happiness center According to the Global Star Rating System

Agreement between ESMA and the Applicant signed by applicant’s top management

Accreditation Certificates issued either by ENAS or any ESMA approved accreditation body for the applied scope as a notified body.

Quality Manual and Procedures including procedures for evaluation and conformity assessment schemes

Policy for Independence and Impartiality of the Applicant approved by top management.

Description of independence of the conformity assessment body from the designating authority and from the competent authority, in particular when this body is a public entity/institution

Liability Insurance Coverage with a minimum amount of coverage of AED 3,000,000

List of All Qualified personnel per scope (permanent, non-permanent, external) with Duties and Responsibilities of personnel involved in the applied scope of notification activities (As defined in Annex 2)

Description of accredited inspection and system certification capabilities

Documentation demonstrating adequate core competence within the conformity assessment body to assess, select, contract, and to verify the appropriateness and validity of subcontractor activities

List of Accredited Subcontractors including detailed document specifying a clear description of the subcontracted work


Full details of other licensed activities (not covered in the scope) being carried out by the CAB in the UAE

Details of own accredited laboratories and testing facilities

Nondiscriminatory policy when dealing with clients signed by top management

Qualification matrix/Qualification criteria

Customer Happiness Center

​​Issuance of notification certificate According to the technical requirements of the cabinet resolution No. 35 for the year 2015, click here For more information, refer to ESMA website

Total Fees 26000 AED , As per below:

1000 AED Application fees

2500 AED document review fees

7500 AED Assessment fees (per man\day)

15000 AED Conformity certificate fees

Apply for registration as CAB if operating in UAE.  

Apply for accreditation (If accredited, proceed to next step).  

Apply as a Notification body  

Upload the Required Document.

Documents Review.

If the Documents is fulfil with all the requirements, system will notify the client to pay the document review and assessment Fees.

Onsite assessment and technical witnessing.

Pay the fees of Notification certificate

Obtain a certificate of Notification.

Phone numbe​r: 600565554



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3. ESMA Happiness Center
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Applications will be canceled after 6 months without completing the requirements by the Applicant