EQM Certified Products


​​​​​Awarding the Emirates Quality Mark means the product has been tested and it is identical to the standards and the producer of this product has an effective system of quality management. Consequently, the Mark adds the following features

ESMA tasks include


It is a practical and scientific mean for excellence among products and commercial anti- fraud.


Acquiring the customer satisfaction and trust.​


Increasing your sales


Having trade infrastructures for importing agreements.


Development and improvement for the product.


Qualifying the institution for local and international quality awards.


Facilitating the entry of products through Custom ports.


Facilitating export.


Promoting the institution name and reputation.​


Serving the international economy and increasing competition in the local and broad markets


company should not use the quality mark on their products without a license from the Authority. company , which expired its license ,should not use the mark on their products without obtaining a renewal of this license . company that received the license to use the mark on a particular product,should not use the mark for other products. company which use the mark on a particular product and specfic model and type should not use the mark on other brands not mentioned in the license certificate, the penalty will apply as per license agreement, including denouncement of these

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what standards are required for LED lighting luminaires for Indoor application? What cartification is required for manufacturers outside UAE? where is the certification done?


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