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ECAS is a Product certification Scheme being implemented by the (ESMA) as mandated by the Federal Law 28 of 2001.​


Service Code: ​CA-ECAS-01​

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This application is an acknowledgement that the product will continuously comply with applicable UAE/GSO/ISO/Internationally recognized standards and technical requirements of ESMA.

The Applicant allows ESMA Authorized personnel to conduct on-site/factory assessment and it give ESMA authorized personnel a full authority to verify the compliance of the product.

The applicant agrees to provide ESMA with all information related to the product including its status in the market, product complaints.

Certificate of Conformity issued after reviewing​/evaluating the contents of this application shall be valid for one year and shall be renewed at least one month before the end of validity.

This application is valid for six (6) months from date the application was made. Application shall expire if no assessment is conducted or if the requirements for product registration were not completed.

Fees paid are non-refundable

ESMA reserves the right to subcontract any activities related to the evaluation of the product. Any objection from the applicant/manufacturer shall be communicated to ESMA before submission of this application.

ESMA will keep all information provided as confidential, and the certification activity will be conducted in an impartial and non-discriminatory manner. Any perceived risk to impartiality shall be communicated by ESMA and the applicant.

ESMA-CAD can decline to accept an application or maintain a contract for certification from a client when fundamental or demonstrated reasons exist, such as the client participating in illegal activities, having a history of repeated non-compliances with certification/product requirements, or similar client-related issues.

Complaints, appeals, disputes or suggestions relevant to this application shall be reported to ESMA in writing to follow the ESMA internal procedure.

The applicant shall inform ESMA of any changes made to the product and/or its components which may make the product differ in design/performance/type from the products declared in this application.

The applicant also agrees to inform ESMA of any subcontracted/outsourced process in the production that will affect the conformity of the product.

Business sectors​

Traders and Manufacturers​​​


Application Form. Application from an applicant other than the manufacturer shall be signed by both the applicant and the manufacturer of the product. By signing the application form, the applicant and the manufacturer agrees to comply with these General Rules and with the Specific Product Standard for the product covered by Registration / CB Certification

Separate applications shall be submitted for each product type or group of products that refers to a different Product​ Standard.

Valid Trade / Industrial License issued by relevant Authorities

Location Map of the company and its warehouse where the product is stored.

Form of undertaking of responsibility and accountability to comply with the requirements of the Emirates Conformity Assessment Schemes.

Quality Manual, Quality Plan and other documents as required by the specific scheme.

Exclusive Distributorship authorization from the manufact​urer or owner of the product.

Set of Samples of product for registration. Sampling has to be conducted by ESMA authorized personnel


Submit the Apllication with required documents with service charges

Review documents and conformity assessment body by technicians

Awarded the quality mark of the product and charging and Download certificate online

Working hours

7:30 AM – 2:30 PM

from Sunday to Thursday

Conformity department


Business Avenue Building - Sheikh Rashid Rd - Dubai

P.O.Box 48666, ​

Tel.: 600565554

Customer Service centre - Dubai

P.O.Box 48666, Business Avenue Building

Etihad Road, Deira, Dubai - UAE

Tel.: 600565554

Fax: +97142944428​

8 Working Days





Application for registration

600 AED

Issuance for conformity certificate

500 AED

Document review

400 AED

per hour

Renewal of conformity certificate

200 AED

Issuing conformity certificate for each shipment

300 AED

Issuing conformity certificate valid for three months

300 AED

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