ESMA: Mandatory requirements for tuning the efficiency of car garages according to the Starsystem»

​The Emirates Standards and Metrology Authority (ESMA) reported that it has completed the development of mandatory federal requirements to control the efficiency of state-level vehicle repair workshops, the new system, which ranks the garages according to the "star system", is expected to be introduced during the first quarter of next year.
According to the Emirates today, the maintenance workshops will be linked to the state's vehicle insurance services, with the draft being prepared in coordination with the insurance authority, it is noted that the draft classification will be applied in two phases: the first during the next year, and the second one in general, that is, through 2019.
The new classification would be an effective oversight mechanism to deal with unobligated car garages and workshops on the background of several complaints is the lack of quality of some workshops, the correlation of their services to a schedule, the variation in spare parts prices, or the competence of the cadres.
Mandatory requirements
In detail, the Director-General of Emirates Standards and Metrology Authority (ESMA), Abdullah Abdulqader al-Ma'ini, revealed that the authority had completed the development of mandatory federal requirements, to regulate the efficiency of vehicle repair workshops at the state level, to enter into force after the adoption of the Council of Ministers, is expected to be operational during the first quarter of next year.
Al-Ma'ini, Emirates today, asserted that the project to control the efficiency of vehicle repair workshops was introduced primarily to take into account the interests consumers, on the background of several complaints of the lack of quality of some workshops, their services being linked to a schedule, or the variation in the price of spare parts, or the competence of its cadres, pointing out that the new project will eliminate any negative practices, and repair the repairs. and maintenance in the state market, while the consumer will not be able to afford additional funds in exchange for upgrading the capacity of the workshops and enhancing their efficiency.
Several destinations
The draft classification had been co-sponsored by several federal and local government agencies, most notably the Ministry of the Interior, the insurance Authority, the road and communications authorities, as well as those involved in the protection of the rights to ensure the welfare of the consumer, by providing repair and maintenance services for high quality and guaranteed vehicles, with qualified and trained technicians, through workshops and garages, which will be rated as star-to-five stars.
According to the Ma'ini, the new classification would be an effective oversight mechanism, to deal with non-compliant car garages, or an increase in consumer complaints of high or uneven service prices, as will ensure a clear classification of the quality of service provided, and of operating and operational costs, under a umbrella that determines the costs according to the service obtained by the consumer, and the garage classification that provided this service.
Project Implementation»
The al-Ma'ini touched upon the stages of implementation of the project, saying: «To be implemented in a phased manner, the first phase of which will include a classification of all workshops in the State, providing minimum efficiency requirements, based on the readiness technical teams of qualified human cadres in the workshop, control systems and quality on their outputs, and warranty for post-service delivery, also ensure the original parts, which the vehicle is supplied with».
"After a year of application (2019), maintenance and repair workshops will be categorized by grade, in terms of additional options or fittings, such as the provision of garages for special vehicle coatings, or designated repair sites mechanical failures, other electromechanical and quality of services provided, as well as the opportunity for the consumer to choose the appropriate workshop or garage, depending on his or her type of vehicle, or perhaps his/her personal wish.
He pointed out that "maintenance workshops will be linked to vehicle insurance services in the state, where the draft classification has been prepared, in coordination with the insurance, so the latter will have an important and essential role to play in this project, along with the Ministry of the Interior, road and transport authorities.» It is pointed out that the insurance board explained, in advance, that the new draft classification would put an end to the many problems that would occur between the company insurance and owners of damaged vehicles, whether insured against loss and damage, or affected by an insured vehicle of liability civil, pointing out that the level of service in the garages varies from class to category, and that its classification will stimulate the lower-ranking garages, to upgrade to higher grades, which will reflect positively on the level and quality of services provided to the cohabitants.

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