"ESMA" produces 24 thousand standard specifications for improving the quality of life and supporting the national econom

​The United Arab Emirates, together with the countries of the World, celebrates World Standards Day, which falls on Oct. 14 annually, and holds this general slogan "standards that make cities smarter", by H.E. Dr. Rashid Ahmed bin Fahad, Minister of state, Chairman of the board of Directors of Emirates Standards Authority The standards "ESMA", that FDA has issued, 24416 Standard Emirati specification in various sectors, from the health sector to education, through construction, construction, food and agriculture, to the information and management systems, etc.
Speaking on the occasion of the state's celebration of the World event, His Excellency stressed that the "ESMA" would continue its efforts to develop UAE legislative capacity and efficiency. In a way that contributes to the improvement of the quality of life in the country, promotes the concepts of innovation and excellence, noting that the specs play an important role in Our lives in the UAE, it helps us to promote a sense of security towards all our lives, in our homes and our public and private buildings, or our electrical and electronic, manufacturing, transport, storage and trade, even in our health services, the specification is a realistic practical means of development Economic and Social Council for States and Peoples.
The slogan of this year's observance of world Standards Day, entitled "Norms that make cities smarter", is a slogan that is consistent precisely with the orientations of the rational leadership of the state, which, guided by the transformation of our nation into a smart state, harness the tools of technology in the most prominent of global practices to lead the transition of government services to higher-efficiency services at the regional level, leading to global leadership.
According to His Excellency, the role of Emirates standards and metrology is "ESMA", not only at the time of the promulgation of the Standards and technical regulations, but also in our efforts at different levels to raise the awareness of the public, from partners, to relevant private institutions, to the larger audience The target is consumers, implementing annually dozens of workshops and awareness programmes for our strategic partners, and the regular audience, to give the necessary knowledge of the importance of standardizing specifications, their impact on facilitating their lives, and the realization of the flow of goods, goods and products between the UAE and the world.
Legislative structure
His Excellency Abdullah Abdulqader al-Ma'ini, director general of the Commission, stressed that the "ESMA" of the concept of quality of life in the state was of paramount importance in context in line with the good government's orientations, we join the world in celebrating World Standards Day, and we have a balance of standards and the technical regulations and regulations that have made the UAE at the forefront of the developed countries in its legislative structure, which is friendly to innovation.
He noted that the most prominent sectors that had seen the production of standard Emirati specifications were the chemistry, spinning and weaving sector, mechaniculime, electricity and metrology, food and agriculture, construction and construction, oil and gas, information, health sector, as well as management systems sector.
In addition to the issuance of specifications, un-INAM had issued a technical regulation in the economic sectors themselves, as well as 25 Emirati regulations concerning the details manufacture, production and consumer protection, in addition to 19 technical regulations, all with the aim of protecting the consumer, and promoting the concepts of obtaining matching products of specifications, and to facilitate the flow of products across the state to the countries of the world, in a manner that enhances the economic capacity of the State.
His Excellency noted the important role played by engineers and technicians in the Commission, and the constant coordination with the respective agencies in each emirate, to reach to specifications and standards that ensure quality of life in the country, take into account the interests of consumers, producers and traders, and enable UAE products to access markets of foreign affairs is easily reflected directly in the support of our national economy.

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