"ESMA" expanded national programme "energy saving" Competency requirements are applied to 1.3 million electric product last year including air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators and water heaters

Abu Dhabi on March 24, 2017: 
Abdullah Moeini , Director General of Emirates authority for standardization and Metrology  "ESMA" said​ that the Commission broadened the scope of the national programme for energy conservation by the Commission several years ago after a positive and important results achieved and succeeded in raising energy efficiency in all key sectors of the State, noting that the program was in line with the global trend of energy conservation through legislation and guiding devices specification defines criteria for energy.
It came on the last occasion Emirates authority for standardization and Metrology in earth hour  2017» held this year from 8:30 to 9:30 pm Saturday, March 25 where all our customers and staff invited to contribute to this event, which is one of the most important global environmental protection activities through unnecessary lights and separate electrical devices used in their offices and homes on the stream where specifications are keen to participate annually in earth hour events and other events designed to reduce Water and electricity consumption and protect the environment and reduce global warming, climate change and pollution caused by high rates of energy consumption.
Abdullah revealed recruited about 1.3 million over past an electrical product has been circulating on State markets and matching  energy for air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators and water heaters through 2016, adding the royalty that body energy efficiency rating programme through examination of laboratory products and ensure compatibility and conformity to requirements of energy efficiency so that the manufacturer shall install a card on the outer hull of the electrical appliance contains important information on the levels of energy consumption in the form of a number of stars between one-star And five star are to denote the energy efficiency of the model and the number of stars indicates the highest energy efficiency and savings program is reflected on the value of the electricity bill for the consumer and reduce government subsidies for electricity prices, adding his pleasure that the program has been launched to save energy and conserve natural resources.
Abdullah said he was recruited for the actual application of energy efficiency statement card program and labelling stages in several sectors, notably the air conditioning and lighting products (lamps) commercial, industrial and street lamps modahasaadth that there is a gradual shift of residents and institutions to effective energy saving lighting products after application "system of lighting products and monitoring them" compulsory and prevent the importation or circulation of any poor lighting or low quality products do not conform to the conditions and criteria and exclude any non-conforming products from the market Legal actions contained in the system.
He explained that the UAE the first Gulf Arab State to implement "system and control lighting products", which was prepared in accordance with the best international regulations applicable in this field, noting that the system was one of the most important systems of the national strategy in the field of energy conservation and environmental preservation anticipated application "dependants UAE regulations for lighting and control products" to reduce energy consumption in the State the equivalent of 500 megawatts, which means the possibility to dispense with using the gas power plant of medium size in The State for six months.
His Excellency stressed that the system benefits not only the economic side but has significant positive contribution in achieving the goals of sustainable development policies set by the UAE in past years and in particular vision 2021 "and in facilitating the transformation of the national economy to a green economy with" green "development strategy of the UAE as the positive benefits will be reflected on the local visions and strategies

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