Rashid Bin Fahad: Transforming the Halal industry to an international initiative

Dr. Rashid Ahmed Bin Fahad, Minister of State, Chairman of the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology «Management announced specifications», yesterday for transforming the global platform for the manufacture of halal state, specialized international initiative involving a variety of areas in the Halal industry, including food, hospitality and halal tourism sectors, cosmetics cosmetics and personal care. 
He said during the opening of the activities of the second session of the Global Platform for industry muslim held in Dubai under the slogan «pushing the future of Halal cosmetics industry around the world» yesterday that the Islamic economy sector is one of the most advanced in the world economic sectors, and held an important place in the system of the global economy, especially in light of the potential and promising opportunities that abound, and innovative solutions offered in an effort to achieve a balanced and sustainable economic growth , which is reflected positively on all segments of society. 
782 billion dirhams

He predicted that up global spending for consumers on cosmetics size, to about 782 billion dirhams ($ 213 billion) by 2021, according to specialized international reports, attributing this to what is visible from the change in the global culture of investment, especially in the stage following the global financial crisis, which boosted the safe and responsible investment ideas, and focus on value-added and the implications of taking into account the social dimensions of economic development patterns, which are considered material standards in the Islamic structure of the economy in general. 
He stressed that the industry muslim represents one of the most important themes in this vital sector, especially since global markets for trade halal products experiencing significant growth, driven by increased consumer interest in the quality of these products, which reached its size about $ 2.3 trillion in 2015, pointing out that we have here in Emirates at the level of cosmetics and perfumes the best comprehensive and sophisticated system for their production, including supply and demand indicators, governance and awareness, as well as pricing, as it precedes Emirates Malaysia and Singapore in these indicators.

17 local and global institution

For his part, Abdullah rhomboid Director General of Standards and Metrology Emirates Authority confirmed that the manufacturers began to communicate with the Commission, it was presented a number of experiments companies turned to preparations halal, and present manufacturers from several countries, whether local or from outside the country such as Spain, Korea, China and France, have received halal brand to be able to enter our markets, and the number reached more than 17 institutions, and these companies began to collect market share in our markets, both in the UAE or other Gulf states.

250 million investment to create laboratories

Ibn Fahd added: «We as a body we have our policy to support the private sector , the issue of investment laboratories and bodies examination and after the launch of our system at the beginning stages of the safety phase and now halal products mark, investments started to come UAE laboratory for the state, we have worked a study on 7 points for the granting of laboratory certificates in the last 5 years, has been pumping investments over 250 million dirhams of these seven bodies in the country to create points of examination laboratories for various products including cosmetics, and the advantage we have now that the UAE system to monitor halal products has become applied in more than one continent. » 
He stressed the success of the participation of the Authority in the Beauty World 2017 at the Dubai World Trade Center, which attracted hundreds of visitors, especially through the platform body in the exhibition aimed to introduce participants and visitors to the exhibition plans and specifications that the Commission applied in this vital sector.

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