Inspected 15 sales points in Dubai and Sharjah and violated 4 outlets. "ESMA" conducts a comprehensive survey of the state-level automobile tyre outlets

​The director of the correspondence Department of Emirates Standards and Metrology Authority, Eng. Issa Abdel Rahman Al Hashimi, reported that the authority a comprehensive survey of car tyre markets and warehouses will be carried out at the state level, ensuring that as many points as possible are surveyed the sale, rather than the manual scanning that was previously used, would facilitate control procedures on cars traded in state markets, which is expected to achieve 100% control over tyres.
"The Commission has carried out actual inspections over the past weeks, including 15 points of sale for ensure that products are matched, and inspections have resulted in the issuance of four notices of violations of legislative regulations for sale in Dubai and Sharjah for sale outlets, while state-level traders have been granted sufficient grace period prior to the application of the decision, considering that the application is aimed at verifying the integrity tyres, prevent manipulation, and directly contribute to the reduction of road accidents, the most notable of which occur because of the use of poor tyres.
The new requirements for the implementation of this decision were made through the development of automated scanner programming to verify the compatibility of tyres of the Emirates standard specifications, while coordination is currently under way with government Oversight services at the federal level to provide technical specifications for hardware programming and provision of decision systems, integrated with registered product database, as implemented by FDA Joint inspection campaigns in cooperation with regulators, through which all automated scanning devices are provided.
The director of the matching department considered that the decision would contribute to the prevention of fraud, manipulation and fraudulent car tires in state markets, where it will reduce the sale of non-conforming products, as the system will allow the ability to reduce inspection time by up to 70%, the products that carry unprogrammed slides can be controlled according to the control systems prepared by FDA, and the electronic chip programming to provide product data and product update data to the UAE standard specifications that ensure security factors and product safety, suited to the state's climatic conditions and use patterns.
The offences established by the Council of Ministers in respect of the offending traders include the notice of the institution or the port of sale in contravention and 3 days to review the board, while the second phase includes the development and adoption of corrective actions by the board takes place within a period of not more than one week, if corrective actions are not followed, the product is withdrawn from the markets and is circulated not selling this product at different outlets and finally imposing a fine of up to 30,000 dirhams, then the file is transferred to the courts. Competent in the state.
The Emirates Standards and Metrology Authority (TRA) has unveiled a set of amendments to the technical regulations for car tyres., coinciding with the installation of smart slides, including more stringent safety and security requirements and the addition of tyre transfer requirements including critical conditions in the process of transporting and distributing tyres from factories to distributors and storage depots, as well as the way the arrangement and loading of the frame in transport vehicles, to enter into force in the second half of the current year, or in the last quarter.
The upgraded regulation is designed to tighten control over vehicle tyres, including tyre storage space within the state, and the storage process itself, which should be in accordance with the Emirates standard specifications in this regard. Mandatory requirements have been introduced in the new tyres, most notably to be registered with the Gulf Standardization Authority, and the importer to submit a test report for the product from a certified laboratory, according to the approved Emirati specifications.
The United Arab Emirates prohibits the sale and import of used or refurbished tyres, adhering to a mandatory specification issued by the Emirates Standards and Standards Authority several years ago, as there are three options for dealing with the stock of used and "refurbished" tyres, they are either sold to another trader or re-exported or destroyed, as the technical regulation of standard tyre specifications is applied in a mandatory manner to all traders and importers.

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