Includes non-biodegradable chemicals ESMA for pulling motor oil total

​​Emirates Authority for standardization and Metrology has withdrawn the product of automotive motor oil from the state markets carrying the brand total and decided to generalize the pull through coordination and integration with local government agencies at the state level, to immediately pull this product out of the market.
The decision was made within the framework of the strategy adopted by the Authority, aimed at raising the quality of products traded in local markets, and increasing safety and security indicators among the consumer community, ensuring that domestic markets are free of goods that do not conform to local requirements and adversely affect the environment, health and safety.
The Board asserted that the products withdrawn posed a risk to the health and safety of consumers, which was contrary to the Emirates standard specifications, noting that the laboratory results had found that the oil withdrawn ensures non-biodegradable chemicals that pollute water and soil, making its use of the market a negative effect on the consumer and poses a long-term risk to society and the environment.
Engineer Issa Abdel Rahman Al Hashimi, director of the Department of Correspondence, Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology said: the procedures for the withdrawal of the product, which are compatible with the mechanisms and procedures for the operation of the authority and the State Product Safety Act, are as follows: the authority shall verify the extent of the product to the standard specifications approved and to be enforced by the esteemed Council of Ministers, and then the authority shall notify the supplier that this type of motor oil does not conform to the UAE standard specification and asked them for corrective action to be delivered within 3 working days, as cases The lack of resistance associated with health and public safety risks that are not matched to the safety requirements of the products leads to the withdrawal of these products from the state market based on the above, local regulators in the UAE were notified of the non-circulation of the product. "The market-withdrawn product is classified according to Emirati regulations as a prohibited substance because it is not biodegradable, according to the UAE standard based on global best practices, including US Environmental Protection Agency procedures, which we discovered in the composition of this type of oil, but it is certain that the Commission is primarily concerned with the protection consumers and the environment, as well as giving suppliers the right to complain about decisions, and to convert random samples for analysis in certified UAE laboratories.
The specification explained that the chemicals detected in the oil, considered as hazardous waste, were not biodegradable, or could cause adverse cumulative effects, and therefore were harmful to public health, causing damage to the environment, which poses a threat to human health and living organisms, as a result of the contamination of environmental elements with these substances, in particular surface and groundwater sources.

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