ESMA to receive electronic verification requests for imported used vehicles from 21st March 2017.

The Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) has activated an electronic search engine to ensure that the imported used vehicles comply with the technical requirements under ESMA's Board of Directors Resolution No. (8) of 2017, which was approved by Dr. Rashid bin Fahad, Minister of State and Chairman of the Authority, in January.

The resolution will take effect commencing May 1st, 2017, and aims at regulating the imported used car market and preventing the entry of any car that has been severely damaged in it's origin countries and might pose a threat to public safety.

 The resolution will ensure the safety and security of road users both Emiratis and expatriate population in the UAE,

 Abdulla Al Maeeni, Director-General of ESMA has stressed that the new website, the first of its kind in the region, provides a reliable and trusted database that can be easily accessed and retrieved in a few minutes from the databases of trusted international sources.

 He pointed out that the Authority has fixed a deadline for all the importers of these cars until the end of next April, as a transitional period to keep pace and re-export their cars that are not in accordance with the requirements and standards specified in the new system.

 The new system completely prohibits the registration of any such used car which is imported in the UAE through the traffic system, unless they receive a certificate of conformity from the ESMA.

 He also stated that the car can be registered in the traffic system in the local market under the new rule, however it will prohibit the insurance companies from insuring the cars that have been badly damaged according to the exportation statement of the supplier country.

 He explained that ESMA has developed the new web-portal as part of its plan to provide the electronic and regulatory infrastructure and advanced mechanism to implement the technical standards and requirements for the control of used vehicles imported in the state.

 He explained that the new system will ban the import, registration and insurance of 8 types of used vehicles including:

Water/flood damage
Fire damage
Junk title
Prior non-repairable / repaired
Vehicle safety defect uncorrected

He pointed out that the authority has compiled an identical database of the countries that are the likely supplier of these vehicles, which have been serious damaged as it has established full electronic links with them to ensure that these vehicles are not allowed to enter the country.

 The project will be carried out in phases and according to the priority of implementation and the quantity of the imported vehicles from the following countries: Japan, USA, Germany, South Korea, Russia, Canada, China and Poland.

 The first phase will include vehicles imported from the US and Canada, as the number of imported and used vehicles from these countries stands approximately 90 percent of the total imported used vehicles.

 "The new web-portal is very fast and easy to use search engine for all those used vehicles by introducing the unified vehicle number, which saves time and effort for consumers and traders," said Director- General of Emirates Standards and Metrology Authority.

 It can search from the database for more than one vehicle very swiftly with high accuracy. The information obtained through the search portal 'engine' also have the option of saving user information, it can save all vehicles that were searched and the ability to store this information for the future use.

 He added, "The search engine has the option to print and issue conformity messages to register the vehicle inside the country in the traffic system from the date of mandatory application of the system, which is 1st May."

 The authority has made sure to provide the user registration application only once in the search engine, he added.

 The user will receive a data card for each vehicle he has searched for. This card will be stored in the system in the user's database for future use.

 The new system also allows the creation of a special account for each user and save pre-ordered statement cards as part of a flexible database that enables the customer to use this information later while registering the vehicle in the traffic system.

 Al Maeeni concluded that the new search portal will be available to the public and traders to benefit from 21st March, 2017 on authority's website at www.esma.gov.ae and at www.vehicleverification.ae

 It will enable traders, importers and consumers to enter the data of the imported used vehicle through the vehicle's identification number (VIN) and import reasons to verify that the import of this vehicle is permitted or not.

The application will immediately respond and provide the product status statement in very simple steps.



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