"ESMA" develop "sentences" to measure the performance of vehicles in the desert and Badlands

Dubai on April 14/and or/revealed Emirates authority for standardization and Metrology "ESMA" for the latest innovation projects during the year, which is to develop a new specification for assessing the performance of SUV vehicles through a new specification named "Camille Bauer or the ability of sentences and is the power of the existing evaluation unit like" horse-horse power "to measure performance and determination of meander in desert environment and uneven land.

He announced the engineer behind Abdelkader Mohamed Al Hammadi Director specifications specs that the Commission is currently conducting a group experiences in cooperation with Middle East April to convert this innovative project from idea to accredited testing methods based on scientific criteria to be adopted as a national standard reference for all vehicle manufacturers to SBI at subsequent step displayed on Gulf standardization and international bodies for accreditation as an internationally recognized reference.

Hamadi pointed out that currently focus on further field trials in UAE desert environment to determine how the vehicle's performance in the "desert road" measurable way accurately especially under different methods of measuring the performance of vehicles if applied in the desert where the current unit of measurement "horse" drastically differ if applied in an unusual environment or flat "like sandy desert environment.

The unit of measure to be applied "Camille Bauer SUV vehicles mean for measuring vehicle determination and effective performance in the desert doesn't mean there was a comparison between the new specification Camille Bauer and currently applicable to vehicles" horse "because the latter designed for non-desert environments while new specification would be specific for measuring the performance of vehicles in the desert.

He considered that the new specification — expected to be completed by the end of this year-will benefit a lot in knowing the capability and intention of SUV vehicles as used in a desert and rugged environment is what specification seeks to build such spec that fit the desert Emirates environment and then view the GCC level and put it up for adoption.

The head of Department of standards to existing horse capacity to measure the vehicle's intention is not sufficient to assess the performance and potential of the vehicle in desert conditions and there are many technical things were made in collaboration with April for scrutiny in this specification.

"When we talk about the weight of the car and engine torque and speed and on track, we're going to be needed to develop new measurement unit to desert environments.

He added that this specification being currently tests around especially when most of these compounds and desert environments typically found in the Arabian Peninsula. Expressing his belief that the new unit would meet acceptable to society especially among entertainment buffs meander in the desert or that requires movement between areas that need rugged vehicle with special abilities.

The horsepower in vehicle engines torque measurement is not sufficient in determining the capacity of the vehicles in desert environments so that the "camel" will reach us all the variables and values and constants to reach the most appropriate formula that gives readings and adak desired results of application of the proposed unit of measure the current focus is on further field trials as "paths" in the desert.

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