"ESMA " offer advice directly to consumers via experts under the platform product quality awareness

​"ESMA" launches direct outreach to the public platform product quality standards on local markets
Dubai, U.A.E.-. March 2017:
Launched the Emirates authority for standardization and Metrology "ESMA," Thursday (. March 2017) platform for public awareness, through a range of initiatives, both at the Emirates quality mark, energy efficient system method on electrical appliances, solar panels that contribute to saving energy and reducing carbon emissions, and models for energy-efficient hybrid cars, bottles of mineral water and packed for the possibility of differentiating between them >
Assured his Excellency Abdul Allah Abdelkader Moeini, Director General, that the new platform which is unique, and which will include extensive and clear information about energy efficient system method applied by the Commission on electrical appliances traded in local markets, and addresses the importance and usefulness of the system for consumers, how to identify energy efficiency card location for goods and products, checking and validity of data.
Through this body aimed at raising consumer definition platform activities and services, and the importance of standardization and its impact on the environment, in the interests of achieving the goals of sustainable development policies defined within vision 2021.
His Excellency Abdul Allah he recruited to the concerned authority crucially sound consumer culture in society, enabling citizens and residents the ability to distinguish between the products offered in the local markets, and enhance overall quality of those products, by spreading knowledge among consumers with quality standards and specifications must be met by products, across all sectors.
Awareness platform will continue for three days in the "city wok" in Dubai, according to TRA's General Director, who confirmed that the platform will also offer a hybrid model, with an expert will specialize with an explanation of the advantages of using this type of car.
Explain that it is time to focus-body Emirates strategy sustainable development-to raise public awareness of the importance of indicators using electric cars and hybrids in the State, as well as the technical regulations for this type of car, and its supporting technologies, financial savings to be achieved when used.
Also will stage a set of solar panels that contribute to saving energy and reducing carbon emissions, is the role played by the Commission in accordance with the State of several runs in rapid development in sustainable development plans, especially at the level of the insurance requirements of a healthy environment, and to make a banner in the phenomenon of climate change, focusing on expanding renewable energy sources to meet the need of energy.
His Lordship said: we are in the stage of defining quality mark community members could edit which had become local and regional confidence as a result of field technical checks on products that you get that mark, with products that you get quality mark distinct products WAM result matched continuously for technical standards and requirements established by the Board.
His Lordship said: we will give you a detailed explanation – by-State tire trading system using chip technology applied by the mandatory authority for nearly two years, and which had been very successful and scored many positive results, where a dish using chip poster in following control of tyres and ensure continuing conformity of national standards, and platform models to contain those electronic slide frames, and an explanation of the precise control mechanism through the body.
And his Excellency recruited to the rostrum where implemented awareness training workshops for visitors, and art workshops for children of younger generations to entrench the concept of Emirates quality mark in their minds, the event will also include many activities and events related to inform the public of the citizens and residents of the UAE specifications and quality standards should be available in different products, and ways to verify it, and action to be taken by the consumer in the event of discovery of any product does not meet standard specifications.
His Excellency stressed that the Commission chose to implement awareness programs, this time in the "city wok" considerations of choosing places to witness the high density of visitors, in order to reach larger slice of consumers, while implementing this platform comes in the framework of the strategy to raise the level of consumer culture, and provided specialists to answer any questions consumers, as will distribute manuals prepared by the Commission for this purpose.

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