Dr Rashid bin Fahad world water day emphasizes the role of "specification" in achieving the highest standards of sustainability in natural water resources by applying "Emirati system to control water consumption guide tools

Specification: water saving system on families by up to 59% per month
Dubai, U.A.E. (posted 22 March 2017)
His Excellency Dr Rashid Ahmed bin Fahad, Minister of State, Chairman of Emirates authority for standardization and Metrology "specification", the U.A.E. State continuously strives to achieve the highest standards of sustainability in water security, balancing and demand for water sources, particularly as we are suffering a dearth of natural water resources are limited and, as a result of limited natural fresh water streams and the lack of rainfall and high temperature.
TWA said in a speech marking World Water Day, which falls on March 22 every year, we at Emirates authority for standardization and Metrology "specification", are aware of the difficulty of this issue at the level of drinking and production in the State, and concerns us mainly apply global best practices in terms of organizing water production industry sold in local markets and quality and reduce waste in water through setting standards and specifications to local progress in this regard, its direct implications for the sustainability of resources, and to contribute to In the face of global challenges of pressure on freshwater resources.
His Excellency added: the world water day comes this year to focus attention on the sixth objective of sustainable development, which alerts to ensure sustainable water management and availability for all by the year 2030, which includes a goal to reduce the proportion of untreated waste water, increase water recycling and reuse, and security is what we are in advanced stages of Emirates, especially under development WAM-standard body to mobilize drinking about four years ago, and its impact on reducing the percentage of untreated wastewater.
Khoja that the UAE ranked third in the world in terms of business projects involving water, so we sought for years to apply global best practices in desalination systems, transportation and storage and even marketing, we put that Emirates standard, elaborated a common formula to deal with this file, always strive to strengthen the specification in our role as a national authority issuing local standards, and adopt the best international standards guaranteeing participate seriously in the course of development in the State.
His Excellency explained Narcotics within programmes for reducing water consumption of basadarmgls Ministers "Emirati system to control water consumption guide tools," which distinguishes products and tools that match the specifications of green card within policies and programmes aimed at rationalizing the use of water resources, electricity and natural resources in the State.
His Excellency explained that the reduction resulting from the application of the specification, for example toilets WAM achieved a reduction in consumption reached 38% to become the consumer savings from 13 to 5 gallons of water per unit than it was before the application, as well as the savings ratio in water taps 45%, saved 11 to 5.5 gallons of water in the unit and was able to achieve savings in water consumption through the shower 59% amounted to 8.7 gallons water in the unit.
His Excellency stated that through realistic study on water connections, proved that water consumption in homes goes about 27% through the toilets, and about 22% in the laundry, and 17% through the shower, and 16% across the water taps, and about 14% go across different leaks in water pipes, in addition to about 5% lost on consumers as a result of other factors.
And among the royalty that the system adopted by the Council of Ministers granted through products – during certificate-marketed, proving that this product conforms to the system requirements of guiding tools for water consumption, new water supplies that are imported or manufactured in the State, where the products are classified as stars.
Khoja as well, that the rules on water fixtures in homes and installations, cover joint types such as faucets such as shower, faucets, water tanks and latrine systems as well, and the system determines the details of water consumption and the efficiency of consumer information, with its targets determine the maximum flow rate per minute for water equipment covered in the State, and the classification of water fixtures available on the market in terms of water consumption levels, as well as provide comparative consumer labels showing water consumption levels in different combinations.
His Excellency drew that this system is one of the Governor's initiatives on water and rationalization of consumption, where the Commission has adopted the initiative and made it through the issuance of certificates of conformity of candidate tools for water consumption, in conjunction with our strategists in the State, this system is designed to enable State health tools providers obtain a certificate of conformity and efficient card products, which conform to the requirements of international standards.
His Excellency concluded by saying that the water is limited, not only at the level of the UAE, but worldwide, and we live in one ecosystem, so all governmental and private actors cooperate in achieving the goals of sustainable development, global indicators cautions that more than 80% of wastewater consumption societies back to the ecosystem without treatment or reuse, in time more opportunities to repurpose this type of water, And turn them into manageable resources properly

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