Allows consumers to check their quality and submit electronic communications Circular «Blocker» to provide information on withdrawn products



The Emirates Standards and Metrology authority and the Abu Dhabi Council for Quality and Reconciliation signed yesterday an agreement to activate the federal "blocker" system, which was previously in place within Abu Dhabi borders. The Convention was signed at the UN headquarters in Dubai, Abdullah Abdul Qader Almeeny, director general of the specifications» and Dr. Hilal Al Kaabi, secretary general of the Abu Dhabi Council for Quality and reconciliation.

With the integrated anti-federal system, it will mean the withdrawal of non-conforming products from the market to the country's geographical breadth, by providing a mechanism for sharing information control of unsafe products in all state markets, so that the relevant regulators are notified of any product being withdrawn and from any principality, which is positively reflected in the unification of national control efforts.


The application will be available to consumers and stakeholders in the "Apple" and "Android" shops free of charge, allowing them to report non-conforming products to relevant State actors. It will also allow suppliers to query products before importing them, after providing them with a database of the most important importing States, and certified and safe consumer products.


Abdullah Abdul Qader Almaini, director general of the "ESMA", said that this Convention reflects the most important forms of strategic cooperation between the federal Government and the, and the principle of harnessing the potential of those actors in a manner that avoids duplication of effort and resources by state institutions is strengthened.

"The authority will do the Convention through cooperation with the authorities concerned with market control at the state level, and we will begin by linking this service with eight local government agencies in all UAE," he said. Almeeny explained that "mind" would allow consumers and stakeholders to inquire about pre-purchase products and their compatibility for UAE standard specifications, as the consumer can self-report any product not conforming to specifications in state markets, the necessary action, which includes the possibility of withdrawing samples from the dubious product through the "ESMA", which will in turn be tested in certified laboratories to ensure that the communication is correct.

He explained that any product in the market proved to be a risk to the consumer in safety, efficiency or non-validity of commercial claims, the federal means of reporting it was a "mind" system, to investigate concerned in each emirate of the product, in accordance with the criteria for the withdrawal of products, the Board should ensure that consumers have a clear declaration of the products withdrawn, so that the public avoids dealing with or buying these products.

Dr. Hilal Al Kaabi, secretary general of the Abu Dhabi Council for Quality and conformity, said that the agreement is within the framework of the Abu Dhabi Council for Quality and conformity to strengthen the strategic partnership with the Emirates Standards and metrology, making use of best practices between the two sides to make the state markets more secure by preventing the circulation of withdrawn products and the seizure and control of the resulting accidents.

Al Kaabi added that since the Abu Dhabi Council for Quality and conformity in 2013, it has contributed to enhancing consumer confidence in products traded on the market, which has positively impacted on the quality of products traded on the markets


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