13.200 ecological mark for building paints products last month. "ESMA" issued 3000 specification Inuk serve local and international production line 83

​Dubai, U.A.E. (2 April 2017) – for publication Monday.
His Excellency Abd Allah Abd al-Qadir Moeini, Director General of Emirates authority for standardization and Metrology "ESMA," the FDA issued 3000 specification WINS at the end of last year, serving more than 837 local and international production line of products with a quality mark, bringing the total number of standard specifications issued by the Commission in past years 65 thousand specification.
He happily recruited during the Dubai International exhibition of Government achievements, launched today (2 April 2017), specifications involved as a sponsor of the exhibition, the Massey Commission issued during the past seven years, more than 20.897 specification in sectors of mechanics and electricity, where the benefit obligation Emirati specifications to ensure the efficiency of the different products, reflected positively on the consumer, the environment and business.
The quality of dyes
He reviewed his Excellency recruited in suite body exhibition, the latest findings of the Commission in issuing environmental quality marks for products of dyes and paints and varnishes, saying: "we issued 13.200 a environmental mark these products by the end of last month, the brand reflect match these products to green standards in buildings at the State level, the standard is applied for the first time globally through (specification) thus making the UAE the first country adopts this approach, in terms of safety and quality of products and how it fits with the environmental requirements.
Explain that the issuance of the certificate of conformity for the products of paints and varnishes by conformity assessment program (aikas) confirm conformity to technical requirements contained in the Council of Ministers decision No 6 for the year 2016, a mandatory federal standards last year, applied and was granted upon supplier companies paints and paints long enough before application to reconcile their new standards, which include requiring suppliers to produce free of any harmful chemicals or heavy metals, ensuring that the emission of odors of paints may harm human health.
He explained that the federal standards for paints and pigments used in the State which will include the first rating for environmental performance paints according to the "star system" that will classify the paints, in addition to applying the classification efficiency of consumption, especially in some paints that are supported with materials contribute to the rationalization of the energy used in buildings, we seek to ensure the raising of quality standards for these products, to ensure the maximum health and safety standards.
My search engine
He touched his Excellency recruited into electronic search engine, devoted by Emirates authority for standardization and Metrology "specification", to search for used vehicles and spare parts before import into the State, markets and achieved excellent results during the first week of its launch, where he witnessed the searches of merchants and consumers hit 1980 search used cars owners seeking relationship to imported from abroad.
He said that the goal of launching a search engine to check imported used cars and market regulation, and prevent the import of any cars suffered major damage in countries of origin, and therefore pose a threat to public safety for citizens and residents of the State, especially at the level of health and safety and the environment.
His Excellency stressed that more than 13% of used cars refusing mail order to considerations regarding their impact on consumer safety, or polluting the environment in the State, and consequently the opposite the main purpose of launching a search engine, it has helped to protect the public from risks to personal safety, and the environment, this system also achieves a common interest for the consumer and the merchant community, it provides accurate and credible and its formal contacts abroad.
He happily recruited to the Commission provides all services to clients and stakeholders and interested through the website, or smart phone apps on my "Apple" and "Android".
International recognition
He noted his Excellency General Manager of Emirates authority for standardization and metrology, U.A.E. State membership in the International Bureau of weights and measures, the Emirates became engaged with the world, in terms of issuing standards and specifications, and became the State of weights and sizes and lengths and other spaces, holds international recognition, within international standards initiative in sequence, in the presence of the national laboratories for calibration of weights and measures, and this is reflected on the ability of the products manufactured in the UAE to enter global markets easily, these products become a confession International.
He explained that the State formally joined the International Metre Convention after he signed a full membership in the International Institute of weights and measures, based in the French capital, pursuant to the Federal Decree number 132 of 2014 issued by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Allah, the accession to membership of the International Bureau of weights and measures, which aims to meet the needs of calibration and measurement in industrial, commercial and urban renaissance taking place in the UAE, and support scientific research for precise measurements In the fields of energy and chemistry, medicine, etc.
His Excellency expressed great appreciation for the auspices of this international event is important, from the standpoint of faith of the Commission the importance of exchanging experiences and partnership and complementarity between federal and local government institutions, for the highlights of the findings of the Government departments in relation to delight customers and society in General, we would like to focus on the complementary roles of the Federal and local government institutions in achieving qualitative progress for services at the State level.

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