The Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) has issued , an electronic assessment system for the technical and administrative competencies of the citizens nominated for vacancies in the Commission.

​Applied the Emirates authority for standardization and Metrology "ESMA ", for the first time at the State level, electronic evaluation system for technical and administrative competencies of citizens candidates for vacant posts in the Commission, through which citizenship competence and capacity is determined eligible for technical and cognitive work in and placed automatically on the short list is choosing qualified to work with the Commission no later than 10 days from the date of the interview.

He said his Excellency Abd Allah Abd al-Qadir recruited Director General, that the Commission's working group developed this mechanism to speed up procedures for enrolment of citizens wishing to work, especially the evaluation mechanisms previously requests take months to 45 days to be deciding which of the departments concerned, whereas under the system developed, joining and acceptance procedure does not take more than 10 days, and be a member of the team "ESMA".

He added that the UAE careers fair 2017, paying the staff at body to devise creative ways you can save time and effort on applicants for employment of citizens, so our Shepherd to be sorted resumes directly through our platform in the show, as we conduct immediate interviews with finalists for them through the recruitment team in platform body 7 days show.

His Excellency stressed that the completion and speed up recruitment procedures after the interview and audit, would contribute to increase the capacity to attract and increase the effectiveness of their participation in the job fair or similar events at the State level, in the context of body to attract and encourage national cadres to promote emiratization, good boundaries so far.

He explained that the resettlement ratios in General in "ESMA" very good, we made a total of 70% settlement rate of resettlement, the Supreme Administrative and supervisory functions 100%, plus 60% of resettlement in addition to professional women constitute 55% of the leadership in supervisory positions and leadership.

And displays the Emirates authority for standardization and Metrology "ESMA " during their engagement, employment, information technology and technical supervisory and engineering quality, inspection and control, in addition to jobs in administrative sectors relating to other dealers and happiness in human resources planning, in addition to other Executive jobs

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