«ESMA»: A new poster to develop energy efficiency in electrical appliances

The Emirates Standards and Metrology Authority has approved the application of the updated poster of the Energy Efficiency program, which is applied as of Sunday on all the most electrical appliances energy-consuming and newly imported domestic markets, with the same system being applied to the devices already in place in the local market in early February.

In order to implement the system, the authority aims to upgrade the efficiency of imported appliances and to provide substantial electricity consumption, while ensuring that local markets are free of fraudulent and low-quality goods, safety, health and environmental Protection and consumer protection in the state.

The updated poster includes hardware information, energy efficiency, and the number of stars shown for the volume of electric power consumption, as well as an illustrative box of consumption annual energy for the device, the normal consumer can know the data through the accompanying data, which contributes to the protection of the rights of traders in the market from merchants and consumers.

Engineer Issa Abdel Rahman Al Hashimi, director of the Commission's Department of Reconciliation, revealed that four companies had been tasked to provide the electronic chip for the Energy efficiency poster and included both technology, Inlogic, ACube and Fannatechnology.

Al-Hashimi reported that the authority had organized workshops for all manufacturers of electrical appliances during the previous month of Ramadan and provided a presentation of the Board's decision on the poster in its new consolidated version of all electrical appliances (airconditioning, washing machines and refrigerators) and a number of other devices classified as the most energy-consuming devices.

The mechanism for enforcing the decision obliges all companies and enterprises to provide the control chip by referring to the companies with the service, Hashemi said., noting that the Board had already received offers from eight companies, to provide the electronic chip, and had adopted four of them.

It called on companies to speed up applications for the poster from the four companies, saying that the procedure was able to obtain the poster within two days of the date of application. Since its establishment in 2001, Emirates Standards and Standards Authority has established its role as a responsible national body within the state and in front of other states world for all activities related to Emirati specifications, standards for all goods and products imported and produced domestically

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