Mission / Vision / Message

" Global leader in building confidence in Products & Quality systems "

Our Mission


Advancing the quality of life and sustainable development and supporting economy in UAE, through issuance of technical regulations and standards for products and systems in the fields of safety, health and environmental protection and protection of consumer rights in addition to monitoring the implementation of these regulations , and the provision of services to the public and private sectors within and outside the UAE

Our Values



Clarity of decisions and procedures for stakeholders inside ESMA and outside


Initiative and Creativity

Innovative work procedures for the continual improvement of ESMA work


Team spirit

Partnership and cooperation with stakeholders inside ESMA and outside



Implementation of the highest legal and ethical standards fairly and impartially with all stakeholders inside ESMA and outside


Social commitment

a socially responsible body with various social initiatives Confidentiality: Safeguarding the confidential data and information of clients



mutual respect, quick response and efficient work



Maintaining the confidentiality of client’s information

Strategic Objectives

  • Ensuring product conformity to ESMA mandatory schemes in the field of safety and health protection
  • Strengthening the national economy in the industrial and commercial sectors and raising the quality of products traded in the UAE​M.
  • The development of test and measurement references within the UAE in accordance with international standards
  • Reducing the negative environmental impacts of products, buildings and vehicles
  • Ensuring delivery of administrative services in accordance with the standards of quality, efficiency and transparency
  • Promote innovation culture in corporate work environment.​

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