​​​​​​​​Accredited​​ products​ are those identified and approved by the members of UAE federal Cabinet as product that required to be registered with ESMA. . These types of products usually post great risks on health, safety and environment. Manufacturers and traders are then required to register these products in order to make sure that they meet specific requirements before they are distributed in the UAE market.​​​​​


خطأ في جزء ويب: لا يمكن عرض عنصر تحكم جزء ويب أو نموذج ويب في هذه الصفحة أو استيراده منها. تعذر العثور على النوع ESMASERVICE.RegulatedProducts.RegulatedProducts, ESMASERVICE, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=1838e53e8dd285d4 أو لم يتم تسجيله باعتباره آمناً. معرف الارتباط: a05f129e-c0aa-9094-4d4a-287f8b7a77be.

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